The 3 Best Metalhead Dating Sites in the USA

best dating site for metalheads

Introduction to the 3 Best Metalhead Dating Sites

It can be difficult to find high-quality dating sites but it can be even more of a problem if you’re looking for something specific. There are many different dating sites online and some of them cater to specific wants and needs. If you’re a fan of heavy metal music, you might not be able to connect with regular people on popular dating sites. There are sites that are designed for individuals that are interested in heavy metal music and on these sites, you will find people that share the same interests that you do. There are several sites online that cater to this type of music. Here is a review of the top three sites that you might want to join if you’re a fan of hard rock and heavy metal music.

Before You Join a Site

Before you join any Metal Head dating site you should have a good idea of what you’re looking for. This will make it easier for you to find a successful match on one of these websites. Please keep in mind that this is niche dating and some of these sites don’t have the full features that regular dating sites do. You will find some sites that are for free so you might want to check these out before you pay any sites for membership. Make sure you have several decent photographs of yourself and that you fill out your profile completely as it makes it much easier to find a successful match.

Why Join?

The main reason you want to join a metal head dating site is to find someone that shares the same interests that you do. It’s hard to search through profiles on dating sites as there are just so many people and you can never find someone that shares your individual interests. If you have a love for heavy metal music, it can be exceedingly difficult to find others that are into this style of music on a regular dating site. By joining a site in the heavy metal niche it’s much easier to connect with people that share those interests and the chances that you find a successful match are a lot higher on a site that is designed specifically for heavy metal fans. Here are the top three sites that you should look at if you are into heavy metal music.

1.Bound By Metal


Bound by Metal is a heavy metal dating site where you can meet individuals that are into the same type of music that you are. If you have failed to find someone interesting on other sites, this might be the site for you. You’ll be able to reach out and meet other metal fans through this site. You can chat with them, send messages, and connect with different individuals on the site. You can do a search for singles in your surrounding area or you can expand your search to find people in other locations. You get to decide who you want to talk with any won’t get any mail that you don’t want so you have privacy on the site.

The site is just for active members so the people that you speak with are going to be on this site quite often. Members that are not active on the website will have their account deleted. This means you will be able to connect with members that are using the site and they are not just taking up profile space which tends to happen on many dating sites. You’ll come across your profile that you like but the person is not active and you have no way of contacting them.


  • When you use the email feature you don’t get unwanted email
  • You can choose what bands you like and have this visible on your profile
  • The site is optimized for desktop, tablet, and smartphones so you can use the site wherever you are and on whatever device you are using
  • Works in various languages


  • The site is a little outdated and could use some updates
  • Not a lot of information about this site is available on the main page so you’ll have to join


One of the positives about this website is that it is completely free. You have no membership fees that you need to pay on the site so, for those that just want to try out a dating site, this is the site for you. It’s not known if any of the features in the site will cost you any money because there’s not a lot of information about any fee structure for this site online.

2.Meet Metalheads


Meet Metalheads Is a website that allows you to meet people that are interested in heavy metal music for dating or serious relationships. It’s easy to sign up for the website and your initial sign up is going to be free. The website claims to be the number one site online to meet people that are into heavy metal music so you should be able to find someone interesting on this site. Membership allows you to create a profile, view photographs of other individuals and you can search for singles that are in your area. You also be able to receive an instant message from shingles that are in your area. The paid membership gives you access to more features of the website. You will receive typical features that you get on similar dating sites such as instant messaging, email, the ability to view photographs, and so on. You also have the ability to mark yourself not interested in someone so you don’t receive messages from the individual which is a nice feature to have.


  • The site looks more professional than other metalhead dating sites
  • You can get a free membership before you pay for a monthly membership
  • You can search for people in your local area
  • You can deactivate your account whenever you wish


  • The site doesn’t provide a lot of information about what you get with your paid membership
  • Pricing information is not available on the main website


Currently, pricing information for this website is not available online. You will have to join the website to find out how much it’s going to cost you for a monthly membership. You can join for free so you are not obligated to pay for a monthly membership. You do get access to several features as a free member so it is worth it to check out this site before you decide to pay for a membership

3.Metalhead Date


Metalhead date is a full-featured site for those looking to find people interested in heavy metal music for dating or longer-term relationships. This is probably the best sites from our list and has the most features. You can set up your profile for free this will be a basic profile but you can file the site for free which is one of the pluses of this website. You can browse other member profiles and start chatting with other people. You can browse galleries, do video chatting, send flirts, and more on this website.

Basic Services

For those that are a free member, you can upload photographs, create a profile, and you’ll be able to send 10 flirts to 10 different members on the site. You can also search the database to see if there’s anyone in the area that might be interested in you. If you decide that you want to join, you’ll get access to more features.

Paid Members

Paid members get more access to the site. You can have your profile show up on the Fright page of the website and you’ll get more visits to your profile page. As a featured member, you will get ten times more in messages. you will also get an icon badge on your profile page that shows that you are featured. You also increase the chance that you will make a successful match when you get a paid membership. As a paid member you can also indicate two other members that you are serious and getting in contact with them.


There are various pricing options for this website but the actual pricing is not indicated on the website. You will have to join to find out the different pricing features. The site will auto-renew your membership until you cancel.


These three sites should help you find a match for individuals that are interested in heavy metal music and connecting with people that share their similar interests. It would be nice if these sites would share more of their pricing information but you simply have to join the website to get access to this information. There are not a lot of reviews of these sites online so finding pricing information is a bit difficult. You’ll probably pay standard pricing which is usually around $20 to $40 depending upon the website or this might vary as sites tend to have different features with various prices. Make sure you fill out your profile completely and have several decent photographs of yourself on these sites as it will increase the chances that you find a successful match.

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