The 3 Best Introvert Dating Sites in the USA

best dating site for introverts

How to pick the Best Introvert Dating Site for your needs

Introverts do not need to have a tough time finding a date. Online dating is actually more conducive for introverts. Extroverts are at relative ease while approaching people they are attracted to and asking them out in real life. The fact that online dating does not require one to walk up to someone and pop the question makes it a much better alternative for introverts. However, introverts still need to act. They must approach people whose profiles they are interested in and should continue the conversation till it fructifies into a real date or the two move on to find other suitable matches.

There are different kinds of dating sites. All sites have their fair share of pros and cons. Introverts must try sites that are not loud and do not reward noise. Introverts will fare better when a platform facilitates easy conversations and provides tools that can be used to express different feelings without actually using words. Introverts can be good with words but they are natural at withholding their feelings. Here are three dating sites that are perfect for introverts.

1. Match is one of the three best introvert dating sites, primarily because of its anonymous browsing. It is one of the largest and most popular dating sites in the world. It is an amazing platform where one does not have to deal with gimmicks. People using the site are serious about dating and relationships. Introverts can find dates and they can explore the potential of a long term relationship. The quality of profiles on is a tad superior to those found on other equally reliable sites.

There is a feature available on called Incognito Mode. This basically allows a member to browse anonymously. One can view profiles and those people will not get to know. This is a very useful feature for introverts. While introverts do not like to talk much and find it hard to open up about their feelings or what they are thinking, this does not imply they are not keen to find out more about someone else. The Incognito Mode is certainly empowering for introverts who do not have to worry about someone finding out about them and then checking their profiles, possibly asking probing questions too.

Match has a free version. Users can become members for three months at $23.99 per month and for six months at $20.99 per month. Twelve months membership costs $19.99 a month. Match is a diverse dating platform. People from various walks of life are on the site, looking for dates, romantic relationships and partners to get married to. The open dating service does not restrict who users can connect with and how frequently one can do so. The matchmaking on the platform is also extremely effective. Match has one of the best matchmaking algorithms in the business. The matches can be further filtered and sorted.

Pros and Cons of Match

Match organizes meet-ups from time to time. These events are hosted in different places and members can meet one another. This is particularly helpful for introverts. Knowing a fair bit about a person already and then meeting someone in a small group can be more comforting. The site has members who are serious about dating and relationship. There is no fake account on the site. On the flipside, has a painfully long waiting period, especially if the verification process does not pan out smoothly. The questionnaire is extensively detailed so one has to spend some time to complete. The membership fee is not exactly cheap.

2. Review of Bumble was the first online dating site in the world. Bumble is one of the latest dating platforms. The site and its app have been widely advertised as a platform for assertive women. Bumble is founded with a simple but powerful message. It does not want women to be reticent and only men taking the first step. It not only encourages women to take the first step and ask men out but actually makes it mandatory. Men cannot send random messages to women on the platform. They can only respond to messages or initiatives taken by women. Some have presumed that the platform is girly and for women, which is another version of it is not for men. This cannot be farther from the truth.

Bumble is one of the three best introvert dating sites for the very fact that women take the first step. Traditionally, women have been considered as shy and their introvert nature is often seen as a positive attribute. Times have changed and women are not holding back their feelings or urges. Since men have been the initiator in dates and conventionally have popped life altering questions, shy women did not have trouble finding date. In fact, women are spammed with messages on dating sites. Shy men have a bigger problem than shy women. This is completely resolved on Bumble. Men do not have to take the first step so whether one is an introvert or not does not really matter.

Bumble has a free version. One week membership costs $8.99, one month costs $24.99 and three months are priced at $16.66 per month. There is a six months membership for $13.33 per month. Bumble has around twenty three million users. More than seventy two percent of the users are younger than thirty five. The app uses the swipe function to have users express their likes and dislikes. Profiles are matched and the next obvious steps follow. Since women take the first step, shy men can simply respond or choose to ignore. The latter is unlikely as only matched profiles usually get past the swiping stage. If a man does not like a profile, then he does not get a match and hence a woman is unlikely to take the initiative.

Pros and Cons of Bumble

The free version of Bumble works for many. The weekly membership fee is high but monthly subscriptions are not expensive. Premium features such as Bumble Boost are quite useful. The user base is large and it is growing. Women do not get unsolicited messages so they are more active with actually searching for potential dates. The matches or connections are short lived. They last for a day or twenty four hours. This is a serious limitation for those who cannot go online every day. There is a possibility of being ghosted on the site. The app is pretty much like Tinder. Bumble is a good app for women and introvert men.

3. Review of Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is one of the three best introvert dating sites because of the ease with which one can hook up with a potential date. The focus is largely on sex. Sites like eHarmony and Elite Singles are also good for introverts but the members on those platforms are more interested in relationships. Introverts have trouble asking people out and they have an even greater challenge in dealing with the considerations leading to sex. Since Adult Friend Finder has plenty of people using the platform to hook up with others, the whole process of finding a date and actually getting laid becomes easier for introverts.

Adult Friend Finder has millions of members. Most members love sexting. This may be a tad intimidating for introverts but that is precisely why the site is suitable. Introverts can get over their shyness with sexting. There are no strings attached. One does not have to be in a relationship to sext. One does not have to go out on a date after which one begins to sext. Members using the site can actually help introverts shake off their rigidity and let them just be and have fun.

Adult Friend Finder has a free version. There is a membership plan too. One month costs $30, three months cost $20 per month and twelve months cost $15 per month. Over twenty five million users are on the site. It is a worldwide dating platform but most members for any single country are in the United States. Although the primary purpose of most members on the site is to hook up and have sex, there is a detailed questionnaire that makes finding suitable matches much easier. The focus on sex does not take away the importance of compatibility. Introverts will always find at least a few million users online and active at any given hour. This is a site for people of every sexual orientation and the medium lets the members celebrate their kinks.

Pros and Cons of Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder does not discriminate on the basis of gender. The sex positive attitude of the members makes it easy for introverts. There are plenty of members. However, the site is outdated. The design is bad. It is easy to mistake the dating platform as an advertisement for porn. The membership is costly for a month.


Introverts looking for sex should use Adult Friend Finder. An alternative is Zoosk. Introverts looking for relationships and those who wish to get married should use Match. Alternatives include eHarmony and Elite Singles. Introvert men who want woman to take the initiative should use Bumble.

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