The 3 Best Dating Sites For Teenagers in the USA

best dating site for teenagers

How to pick the Best Dating Site For Teenagers

Gone are the days where teenagers met their potential boyfriends, and girlfriends through friends, family or school. In ‘today’s world, the internet has taken over, and most teens prefer going online to find a potential date.

There are hundreds of websites, apps, and social media platforms that embrace teenagers. Teens use these platforms to get to know other teens whom they share the same traits or are as “cool” as they believe to be!

To get the 3 best dating sites for teenagers, we scoped the web looking for websites that are open to teens aged 13 yrs to 19yrs.

Our search revealed the three sites mentioned below as the most fun-filled and exhilarating platforms for teens to mingle and find a potential mate…

1. Allo Talk Review

Allo Talk is one of the latest teen dating sites ‘that’s proven to be a gem among dating websites. It operates as a social and messaging app that targets teens aged 13 yrs to 19 yrs.

The site is designed around dating and comes with a few functions and features than those exhibited by the rest of the popular social media platforms in the offing today.

However, the site allows users to create a permanent account and benefit from the services provided. Allo Talk claims to be the safest dating platform for teens, and below are some of the reasons why it claims so…

For starters, to register with the site, you must have either a Facebook or Twitter account that you link with Allo Talk. The username and password you use on either FB or Twitter will serve as your credentials on Allo Talk.

The website also accesses your public photo from whichever social media account you link it to and use it as the main Allo Talk profile picture.

You ‘don’t have another option to register with this dating site, but you are at liberty to edit the profile page and manage settings. After registering, you can join chat rooms that appeal to you most.

Once you attain membership, there are two ways you can communicate on this platform, either through chat rooms or private chats.

Private conversations can be sent for free. A significant majority of members using this site favor chat rooms as they’re the busiest.

Most of the conversations taking place in the chat rooms are decent and revolve around topics teenagers discuss. There is, however, an occasional slur here and there.

Allo Talk Special Features

Some of the unique features that make this teen dating site standout include:

News: dedicated to delivering news concerning any changes or updates from the administrators.

Friends Wall: works in a similar fashion as status update and news feed on Facebook. Other users are welcomes to like, comment, or dislike the status. You can delete the post if you wish.

Search: the feature makes it possible for you to look for members based on their gender, rank, username, age, and activity. Using this feature allows one to search for the most active and new members alike.

Contact Us: use this link to ask questions, give feedback, or comment by filling the contact form that is exclusive to the administrators.

Messaging platform: The primary audience on Allo Talk are teenagers. When using this feature, you can send smileys, and GIFs, change the text font color, share a YouTube link or send a video, and send files and images.

KIIS FM Radio: on the site, a radio station going by the name KIIS FM is embedded, and you can listen and sing along to music blaring from the site as you carry on with chatting and looking for a possible mate.

Allo Talk Pros

  • The dating/chat site is for teens aged 13 yrs to 19 yrs
  • The site can be accessed in 12 different languages
  • The site is operational on the website and mobile app platforms
  • Parents can read the blog section to ensure their kids are safe online

Allo Talk Cons

  • The ‘site’s overall design could use some revamping
  • The ‘website’s security feature needs to be tightened

Allo Talk Pricing

Allo Talk is a zero-rated teen dating and chatting platform that is open to teenagers. However, it offers a VIP membership plan. The charges are $9 a one-time payment that gives you lifetime access to the VIP membership platform.

On this platform, you make the one-time payment via PayPal, and you gain access to additional features that are closed off to regular members.

2.Skout Review

Skout dating app was developed for the teenage market. As a teen, you set up an account that you log into to view their profiles and interact with the ones you find interesting.

You are at liberty to post to the BuzzFeed, add pictures, comment on posts, and private message users you fancy.

While signing up, you will indicate your location; the information shared will allow you to receive notifications when another teen from your locale joins the platform. You can cash in points and use them to search in other areas.

When someone scopes your profile, you receive a notification, but you will need to use your points to find out who was checking your profile.

You earn points by taking part in activities such as uploading images, creating profiles, downloading advertising apps, and logging into apps intertwined with the Skout platform.

Skout dating is more PG-13 when compared to social media platforms targeting teens. The website has increased its moderation, providing teenagers with a much safer platform.

The administrators introduced a safety feature in 2012 to have all members log-into the platform to provide social age verification. The administration also carries out random checks on the messages to flush out adults posing as teenagers.

How Skout Works

The flirting and teenage dating app allows teenagers to make new friends whom they can meet up with if they hit it off.

Based on the ages indicated when signing-up, teens (13 yrs to 17 yrs) and adults (18 yrs to 19 yrs) are assigned to different age-appropriate groups. The instant teenagers turn 18 yrs; their account is automatically moved into the adult group.

To make it a more secure dating platform the exact location are not shared, and posts are closely monitored to deter away adult predators. The platform has disabled the sending pictures and videos on private messages feature.

Skout Pros

  • Increased security features
  • Members can earn points by using the app and responding to ads
  • ‘Teenagers’ locations are hidden
  • Dedicated to teenagers

Skout Cons

  • Users can lie about their ages on the site

Skout Pricing

The website and app are open to teenagers and is zero-rated. The platform recoups back its investment through in-app advertisements.

3. Hinge App Review

Hinge is a dating app open for teenagers. It connects to your Facebook account. The people you match up with are second and third tier connections from your main friends’ list.

The website pulls info from your Facebook account and uses the same in creating a basic profile. It includes your name, your age, your city locale, and the number of friends you have on the (Hinge) platform.

Your info will pop up publicly and ‘it’s not something you can edit. Hinge uses this measure to ensure that it blocks out predators from accessing the teenage dating platform.

After matching with a potential mate who is close to your proximity and matches your set parameters, you will be shown the best way to connect with the individual.

You can connect through an extended network of people, via a ‘friend’s network or through a Facebook friend.

Hinge allows users to edit their “About Me” section of their profiles to share their age, height and also their ethnicity and religious preference. Once you get on Hinge, you will have to answer several questions.

The set questions are used as conversation starters, and you let potential matches know whether ‘you’re here for dating, relationships, or something casual. Hinge is a teenage site that is best suited for people aged 17 yrs to 19 yrs.

You have the chance to share more about your personality by tagging the areas ‘you’re most interested in. Your shared traits will be used to find you the most compatible partner.

On Hinge, you are given a single match at a time, and you have to look at the profile carefully before deciding whether you should show interest by heart-ing their photos, or using the “X” button and dismissing them for good.

Once you start messaging each other, you have 14 days to start learning about one another, and you can exchange numbers before the match is taken off your radar and ‘you’re matched with another profile.

The timelines given encourage you and your potential matches to create meaningful connections, thus making it an ideal dating site!

Hinge Pros

  • Targets teens from age 17 and above
  • Users are mostly adults and can use it for dating or hookups
  • Offers free membership

Hinge Cons

  • Mostly a religious platform

Hinge Pricing

Once you sign-up with Hinge, you get to use it for free for the first 3 months. After the 90 days elapse, you are automatically entered into the basic free membership plan.

Under this plan, you can only see 10 profiles every day. If you desire to get unlimited matches, you have to upgrade to the premium plan that costs $7/ Month.

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