The 3 Best Dating Site Divorcees in the USA

best dating site for divorcees

Introduction to the 3 Best Dating Site for Divorcees

If you or a colleague/family member or a friend has gone through the tribulations of divorce, time passes, and the healing begins. If you are now ready to get back into the dating pool but don’t know where to start, you have landed on the right page.

Online dating is a great platform to get started; however, as a divorcee, you need a service that understands where you are in life and will cater to your needs. Below, we review for you the 3 best dating sites perfect for divorcees…

1. JustDivorcedSingles

JustDivorcedSingles website is dedicated to people that are divorced, widowed, and single parents. The site mostly welcomes members who are of a straight sexual orientation.

The site was launched in 2010 and functions as a part of dating network sites where members share their profiles. The most prominent features on this website include; Gender, Age, A single photo upload, and when one is active online.

When you join the platform, you can use the extended search function using specialized criteria.

Regional Searches

On JustDivorcedSingles dating platform, you will get the regional searches function that will make it easy to find people to date within your locale. The website makes it easy for you to get your profile featured on the search results when you pay a stipend.

The more it stays on the listing, the higher the chances of it being seen. The platform relies on a matching algorithm that helps you pair up with a compatible prospect. You can also block members whom you are not interested in or prove to be a bother.

Members have the power to invite or join private chats to members they get interested with.

JustDivorcedSingles Pricing

The dating platform doesn’t offer trial plans; you can only join it through a premium subscription. These are the packages at your disposal;

Credit Card Premium Subscription

  • 1 Month $44.19
  • 3 Months $88.44
  • 6 Months $132.69
  • 12 Months $221.19

SMS Premium Subscription

  • 1 Month $63.21
  • 3 Months $113.79
  • 6 Months $177.00

The subscription recurs, and you will need to cancel it to halt payments. Also, you can pay for it with SMS.

Bolt-On Search VIP

Also known as Read Notification. A recurring plan that you need to cancel to stop the payments. You can make payments via Credit Card.

  • 1 Month $3.78

Bolt-On Contact For Free

A recurring plan that you will need to cancel payments. Payable through Credit Card

  • 1 Month $9.47

Bolt-On Reply For Free

  • A recurring plan that you need to cancel to halt payments. Payable via Credit card

1 Month $6.31

JustDivorcedSingles offers users a medium length registration process that has a minimum of 7 required fields.

Mobile: on mobile, the site can be accessed through mobile browsers and functions the same way it does on desktop.

Anonymity: JustDivorcedSingles affords users privacy by hiding their profiles to people that don’t register as members. Only members can view images and strike a conversation with someone they fancy.

2. DivorcedAndSeeking Review

DivorcedAndSeeking website belongs to the divorced, single parents, and widowed category. The site doesn’t discriminate upon sexual orientation and welcomes straight, gay, and lesbian singles looking for potential partners.

The website began life back in 2012 and is purely a dating site for people looking for serious relationships without acting as a hookup spot.

Features: The search criteria on this site includes: Gender, Age, Single photo upload, and online visibility. You can use extended searches feature through specialized criteria.

Regional Searches: the site provides users with a local search option to get in touch with possible mates that are within their location.

Matching systems: The site uses an algorithm that helps you get in touch with members sharing your traits. Psychologists have proven that the more you have in common with a possible mate, the longer it’s likely that you will stay together.

As a site member, you can block individual members that you are not interested in, and if they keep pestering you.

Group Chat Feature: The platform offers users a group chat feature that allows one to stay in communication with members that are also logged-in the feature. You have the option of inviting and declining members to a private chat.

Instant Messenger: the instant Messenger on this website allows you to know when contacts are online, and you can choose to go invisible to hide from other people you don’t want to see you online.

DivorcedAndSeeking Pricing

The site offers users a trial plan that costs; $6.99, and if you fail to cancel it after it expires, you automatically get enrolled into the recurring subscription plan that charges $23.38.

Premium Plan: recurring offer that you need to cancel to halt payments. You can pay using your credit card.

  • 1 Month $23.38
  • 3 Months $31.37

Registration: The platform offers a medium length registration process that comes with 13 different fields that must be filled.

Mobile use: The platform is accessible through a mobile browser that opens up to all features you get on a desktop browser. Unfortunately, they’re yet to launch a mobile app.

Anonymity: As a public site, allows all visitors to access your profile. To keep things private, you will have to bypass the site as it doesn’t facilitate ways to mask your profile.

You can upload several images on your profile, and you can adjust the settings to add private photos that can only be viewed by members that you approve.

3.DivorcedFreeAnd Single Review

The dating platform is categorized under the single parents, widowed, and divorced spectrum. The site is dedicated to straight people and was launched in 2012. is a platform that encourages serious relationships and doesn’t support hookups.

The essential search criteria used on this platform include; gender, age, image only, and online now elements. You can access extended searches by using more specialized criteria.

Local searches: you can search for other members located within your area through this search feature.

Because it’s a large website and you may get interested from members from far away states, to find someone whom you can connect with and is near you is a better option.

Use the paid priority listing appearing in the search results to have your profile pop up as users search for a possible mate within your region and improve your chances of connecting.

Matching system: The website also invests heavily in a searching algorithm that can help you narrow down an ideal mate. By filling in a detailed questionnaire with your personal traits, the algorithm will find the individual that matches your traits.

Blocking system: Since you might find users that you’re not interested in and they continue messaging, you can use the block feature to turn them away.

For those that you fancy, you can invite them to a private chat and start a conversation that will hopefully remain interesting and lead to forging better connections.

DivorcedFreeAndSingle Pricing

The website doesn’t offer trial plans.

Premium Subscription

For this plan, you will need to cancel it to stop payments as it recurs. You can make payments using your credit card.

  • 1 Month Plan $44.99
  • 3 Months Plan $88.99
  • 6 Months Plan $132.99
  • 12 Months Plan $ 221.99

SMS Premium Subscription

Also, a recurring plan that you will need to cancel to halt payments. You can make payments via SMS.

  • 1 Month Plan $63.99
  • 3 Months Plan $113.99
  • 6 Months Plan $177.99

Bolt-On Read Notification or Search VIP

A recurring plan that you pay using a credit card and must halt payments when you wish to unsubscribe.

1 Month Plan $3.99

Bolt-On Contact For Free

Another recurring plan that you pay with a credit card. You need to halt payments if you wish to discontinue.

1 Month Plan $9.99

Bolt-On Reply For Free

A recurring plan that you should stop payments when you wish to discontinue. You can make payments through credit cards.

1 Month Plan $6.99

Registration: The platform comes with a medium length registration form that has a total of 7 required fields to fill.

Mobile use: You can only access the website using a mobile browser as they are yet to introduce a mobile app. The site functions on the mobile browser in the same form it does on a desktop browser.

Anonymity:  You will not see any profiles if you are not registered. You will need to become a member to access other users’ profile, thus providing you with essential privacy.


These sites are among the best places for divorced, widowed, and single parents that are ready to get back into the dating game. By following the details provided and uploading the best images, you have higher chances of finding a possible mate.

They all come with a regional search feature that allows you to search for a partner closer to you. I want to warn you that these are strictly sites for people looking for serious relationships and not casual hookups.

Two of them are dedicated to straight people, while one welcomes people of all sexual orientation.

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