eHarmony Review 2019: Is this dating site worth your money?

Introduction to eHarmony

There are many different dating sites online but it can be difficult to choose the right one to meet your needs. One of the top dating sites in the USA on the internet today is called eHarmony. This site is popular for many different reasons. Here is everything you need to know about eHarmony to see whether or not it is a dating site that you would like to join.


EHarmony started in 1997. The founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren was a clinical psychologist and he counseled thousands of people that were married. He believed that there was a better way for individuals to find love and to have a satisfying relationship. He didn’t want people to just trying to find a relationship based upon luck. He used his experience and history with his practice to help build the site. He noticed that some marriages were very loving and satisfying while others ended in divorce. By going over his notes and work he found that people that were satisfied with each other were very compatible with each other so it was easier for them to get along with each other. Those that had bad relationships and ones that ended in divorce had lower compatibility with each other because the couples were two different from each other.

He observed that if people were more compatible with the other they would have a more fulfilling relationship. He worked to ensure that people were matched up on key areas of their personality and this is what he used to build his website. Over three years of development and research, he concluded that there were certain characteristics that can predict compatibility with people so they can have a more satisfying relationship. He used this research into compatibility to build the eHarmony website.


EHarmony has several different features you need to know about which are indicated below.

  • ID Verification

There are many dating sites online that are fraudulent and dishonest and people end up complaining about them. EHarmony features ID identification so you know that the person you were talking to is actually real. If an account does not match the person’s identity the account is flagged and then it is closed down. for example, if eHarmony determines that a person is married, they will close the account down because the site is just for single people. If any person on the site has violated the terms and conditions of the site then that person’s account is also closed down. You have a lot of security features when you joined eHarmony so you can date other people in safety.

  • Block Features

Whenever you are on a dating site you often get a lot of messages that you may not want. You might not want certain individuals to see your profile. EHarmony offers a blocking feature so you can remove a match from your list of matches. You will then be able to stop Communications with that number and stop the block match from seeing Communications that you may have had with this member. If you want to stop an individual from looking at your profile, you can report this to eHarmony and they will block that person from looking at your profile. The blocking feature allows you to date without having a lot of worry about who is looking at your profile in case you have a bothersome member that you simply don’t want to communicate with.

  • Responsive Communication

In general, eHarmony has good customer service. Many dating sites don’t have any customer service or they can be problematic. The Better Business Bureau indicates that eHarmony has good customer service and they take care to look after customer concerns in a timely fashion. if you want to cite that cares about your concerns, eHarmony is one you want to work with because they have excellent customer service when it comes to dating sites.

  • Questionnaire

To make it easier for you to find a match there is a questionnaire that you will fill out when you joined the site. you’ll use this questionnaire to create a personality profile. This creates a description of you as an individual and what you were looking for in a relationship. Many sites simply don’t do this but eHarmony does. Once the profile is created you can add more information if you want. You’ll be able to add photographs as well as answer more questions. You should add an image if you want to make the most out of this site. You will get a better response rate if you have a photograph of yourself. Once all the information has been uploaded to the site then you will be a part of the matching system and other individuals will be able to see your profile and can contact you.

  • Account

You can create a free account if you want. You will have limited features with the free account. you’ll be able to view the profile of other individuals and create your own personality profile. Paid members can send and receive messages that are Unlimited and we’ll be able to see if their matches are logged into the site. They can view unlimited photographs and they can see who has looked at your profile as well as use eHarmony mobility applications.

  • Free Account

You can create your personality profile

The sexual orientation types are limited

You cannot communicate with other members you can just view their profiles

As you can see the free account is quite limited so most individuals are going to want to sign up for the site. The main benefit of the free account is it kind of gives you an idea of what the site is all about and whether or not you want to pay for it.

  • Paid Accounts

There are a couple of paid accounts that you get with you Harmony which are indicated below. There are other charges that eHarmony has depended upon the account you have with them. Some of these charges including having to pay to make voice calls.

Paid Account (Total Connect)

  • You get everything that is included with the free account
  • You can extend your personality profile (more options at $19.95)
  • Your membership information will be ID verified
  • You have access to all of the other members and can communicate with them
  • You have access to the mobile version of eHarmony
  • You can make voice calls to other members (doesn’t reveal your number)

Pricing (Total Connect)

  • $44.95 per month if you get the three-month plan
  • $33.95 for the 6-month plan
  • $23.95 for the 12-month plan

Premier Plan

  • You can pause your account for 3 months if you need to
  • Every member can see your profile photographs and communicate with you
  • You can ask the team to personalize your experience so you get better matches
  • You have ID protection
  • You can use eHarmony secure check so you can review your matches including their age, name, and a criminal background check or three matches
  • You can use the mobile application
  • You can make voice calls to other members (doesn’t reveal your number)

Pricing Premier Plan

There is only a 12-month plan which cost $41.95 per month there are no other plans.

eHarmony Pros

This site is for people that want a serious relationship

It uses a model that helps you find the proper match based on various dimensions of your personality

You don’t have to go through dozens upon dozens of profiles to find a match as a site does it for you

eHarmony Cons

You cannot do a search on your own as a site does this. You only be able to interact with people that eHarmony has recommended for you which makes it a little limiting

It’s a lot more expensive than other dating sites

You will only be able to communicate with members that have paid subscription fees as there is no option for this for free members

Customer Reviews

It is important to read customer reviews before you join any dating site. Here are some reviews for eHarmony it will help you determine whether or not you want to join this site


“I was disappointed with eHarmony as I didn’t find any genuine matches that met my personality needs. Of the matches that I did get the person’s profile wasn’t filled out enough so I couldn’t get a full view of the person and their personality.”


“I was able to find a date with this website but it does take more time when compared to other dating sites. If you don’t have patience, this site is not for you.”


“I was matched up with a few men but they were men I was not attracted to. The price of this website seems a little high for the matches that I did receive. The matches seem to be a little bit limiting in some regards so I wasn’t that happy with the matches I did get.”


“I received several matches on this website and went on a few dates. Overall, I’m happy with being a member of eHarmony.”


EHarmony is a site for people looking for serious relationships. It might be difficult to find a casual date on this website. The website will find your match but some people might want to be able to control who they get to see. The customer reviews for eHarmony are mixed with quite a few people having a poor experience simply for the fact that you can’t control who you get to see you as a site matches you up with other individuals. If you don’t have a lot of time and want a site that will match you with people that are closely related to your interests, this might be the site for you.