The 3 Best Asexual Dating Sites in the USA

How do we rate the 3 best Asexual Dating Sites

Although asexuality is defined as not being sexually attracted to anyone, this doesn’t mean asexual individuals are not interested in meeting people. Asexuals can also certainly want romance in their life. To that end, a number of asexual dating sites have emerged in recent years. It is believed that approximately 1% of the world’s total population is asexual. That may not sound like a lot, but keep in mind that 1% also translates to more than seventy-five million people.

In terms of the best asexual dating sites, you certainly have some worthwhile options out there. We have broken down the three best asexual dating websites for you, which will give you a rough idea of what’s out there.

1. Asexualitic

This is a great, affordable resource for asexuals seeking platonic relationships with like-minded individuals. The site was launched more than ten years ago in 2008. This gives the distinction of being one of the most established asexual dating communities on the internet. Nearly 30, 000 people call the website home, so you also get the benefit of a robust membership base. Signing up for the website couldn’t be more straightforward. It is also one of the most affordable, with just $15 being charged for a lifetime membership. is pretty straightforward in the signup process. You will need basic information such as email, marital status, interests, ethnicity, religion/faith, and other standards you will find at most dating sites. Once you’ve signed up, you should be free to use everything the site has to offer. This includes user groups, which many members suggest is the best way to meet people. regularly features new visitors. The range of features for standard memberships is excellent, and there are additional features you can gain by signing up for a Gold Membership at $15:


For standard members, you have basic searches, cover images, profile photos, and the ability to send friend requests. If you opt for the Gold Membership, you can access groups, the directory for groups, and the profiles of other members. You can also send private messages to anyone you happen to meet.


The large volume of users for this website is one of our favorite elements. However, the fact that the site is also extremely easy to use is another factor that will likely keep you coming back for more. The presence of groups is perhaps one of the strongest features. As we mentioned before, it is perhaps the best way to meet someone. The ability to add various types of media is also rather appealing.


Despite a strong membership base, the number of members active on the site at any given moment can strike you as a bit low. This is perhaps the groups are more engaging, as they tend to be more active than other parts of the site. The fact that they only accept PayPal is also slightly frustrating, in addition to the lack of a FAQ for newcomers. In fact, the complete lack of useful customer service is pretty annoying in general.


As we mentioned before, charges $15 for full access to the site.

Overall, is a solid place to start. However, if you want a deeper range of features, or more active members at any given moment, you may need to go somewhere else.

2. Asexual Cupid

Promising the best possible community for asexual dating, there is certainly a lot to appreciate with the cutely-named Asexual Cupid. One of the more interesting elements to this site is the fact that they promise not only a dating site for asexuals, but a community of support and understanding, as well. You could make a strong case that this is the first truly professional example of dating sites for asexuals.

After launching in 2015, Asexual Cupid quickly established themselves as one of the leading destinations for asexual dating and platonic relationships. The site currently offers more than 100, 000 active members. There are thousands of verified members online at any given time. You will also want to note that the website breaks down its potential by a number of romantic orientations. This is unquestionably one of the first websites you should check out. There are a number of reasons as to why this is the case.

In addition to being one of the most feature-heavy asexual dating websites, Asexual Cupid is also one of the easiest sites to navigate. We will cover that in greater detail shortly. You should also note that the site offers a number of standard features that can certainly keep you busy. Should you decide to upgrade to a Gold Membership, you will have a number of ways in which to do so, as well as a number of payment options:


The total list of features is a long list indeed. Standard members can enjoy such benefits as being able to reply to emails or chats. You can add photos, check out the mobile site, and edit your forum/blog posts. Should you decide to upgrade to the Gold Membership, you will get all of the standard features, with a plethora of additional perks. You can initiate conversations, enjoy deeper search engine features, and even get highlighted as a featured member. There is no question that asexuals eager to meet others will find the same assortment of features they would find with a traditional dating site.


Well, at this point, it should be pretty apparent that we are very fond of how features-rich everything is. There are a lot of advantages to this site. At the same time, there isn’t so much that a first-time user will feel overwhelmed. Asexual Cupid also offers resources to help you make the most of your experience. Photo verification for members is another element that works well with your experience. This is one of the most secure asexual dating sites out there. A variety of privacy settings, mobile device access, and strong customer service measures are also worth keeping in mind.


There are few downsides to this site. At the same time, it would be nice to have a better range of features for standard memberships. The current offering is fine, but you really need a fuller experience, before deciding if this site is right for you. Also, depending on where you live, you may find it difficult to find someone in your area. This is obviously something that can vary from one individual to the next.


In our opinion, the Asexual Cupid pricing is very reasonable. A one-month membership runs about $19.95. If you pay for three months, it is only $14.95 per month. If you opt to pay for six months in advance, you will only need to pay $11.95 a month.

This is a great example of just how far asexual dating sites have come. If doesn’t grab you, this could just be the asexual dating site you have been looking for.


Launched in 2009 by two sisters, has the benefit of being quite clear what they are all about. This is a strictly platonic dating site, but there is no question that it gives you a number of different ways in which to go about that. Many of the people who use this dating site are already in a relationship, and are just looking asexual relationships and/or platonic dating. The site has considerably more female members than male, and the average age of a member tends to be in their mid-30’s. The site has become enormously popular with those who want to meet people, without the pressure to have a specific type of relationship. There are a number of different benefits and considerations with this site, which many people consider to be solid, but ultimately inferior to some of your other options.


While the range of features can strike some as a little lacking, there are nonetheless some solid options to explore. Your profile can utilize most of the elements you would expect from any website with the intent of meeting new people. There are a number of search features that you can take advantage of, as well. You can build a list of contacts, look for new users in your area, and send/receive messages from users.


The biggest benefit would be the fact that everything at the site is free. There is no membership tier. You need only register. The site also offers email customer support, as well as a FAQ that makes it easy to understand what the site offers. The robust search engine is also quite nice.


The site is only available to individuals in certain countries, including the U.S., the United Kingdom, and Canada. This can make it a little frustrating, depending on where you live. Even if you are a member, you still have to deal with limitations like only being able to upload three pictures. The overall range of features is unremarkable.


The site is free.


This list should give you a clear idea of what’s available to you. Start with these three, and remember to have fun!