Date In Asia Review: Is this dating site for you?

Introduction to DateInAsia

A DateInAsia Review that is probably going to set itself apart from the rest.  This site advertises, ‘find a bride’.  Is this an archaeic concept or is there something they’re not sharing that would bring the point home showing they are actually a ‘dating site’ which they also claim? One that has evolved into the modern world in its endeavors to bring women and men together with hopes of a possible connection, proceeding to a meeting and, from there, either a friendship or perhaps a romance that may or may not lead to marriage. In the information that was provided on this site, the rumination that continued to play was ‘mail-order bride’.

The other piece of this puzzle that exists is, if this is a ‘dating site’, where are the men’s profiles to be searched on the site for the women who are interested in dating Asian men?  Throughout all of the material it touts that you can come to the site and view hundreds of beautiful women.  What if you are a woman?  You don’t want a woman.  You’re interest would be in a man.  It again takes you back to the idea that this is another way to ‘shop’ for a mail-order bride, but all dressed up in a different format.

One of the most searched of dating sites out of all of the dating sites on the market is the Asian dating site.  This is because a good portion of westerners adore Asian women and Asian dating sites are populated with women being sought by men.  The outcome of those searches is with hopes of a long-term commitment.

The premise behind the DateInAsia site is that there be a match designated and a conversation initiated.  After that conversation, if they have clicked and want to continue communicating or possibly meet each other, they need to do so outside of the DateInAsia medium.  That is unusual for any dating platform to cut people loose so quickly.  They usually try to get their members to stay with them for as long as they can.



The sign in is super simple and basic as with most any other dating website.  As is standard, you need to provide your name and a valid email address.  They also have you think up a username that you will be able to remember.  A mobile number is also a requirement because they will send an activation code to that number.

When it’s time to work on your profile, you will be asked to fill in information on yourself in your own words, no prompting.  It can be 100% about you or the person you are looking for, anything you want to write about.  You also have the option of skipping this section all together.  The problem with that is, by passing over this part, your profile won’t have the chance to stand out among other folk’s basic profiles.  The best way to approach this section is to be short but powerful enough that you hook someone’s attention in just a few words.  The rest you can discuss together in a more private scenario.


DateInAsia is a very generic-type site.  The focus of this site is sincerely to couple people together in a lasting relationship.  They really don’t seem to have an interest in providing any gadgets or catchy ‘flirts’ or ‘winks’ or any of that to ‘play’ with each other.  They just want the members to get down to it.


  This is the sole source of communication on the site.  There is no kind of ‘chat’ or ‘video chat’ options.


You can hit a heart button on a member’s profile that will add that person to your ‘hot’ list.  This basically saves them to a list of favorite people that you are interested in.

Advanced search.  Searching that is filtered further by particular appearance traits, religious values, education, willingness for relocation, and many more things that you can select.


DateInAsia considers privacy and safety as its number one focus.  They implement SSL tech in order to encrypt the data that goes into the website as well as using a member moderation system in which each member has the chance to report suspected illegal activity or fake profiles.  With each report, the member receives a star and after five, they receive a badge. 


DateInAsia touts itself as being completely free to all members and really offers no features whatsoever that would require any kind of subscription service to pay for.  It kind of makes you wonder how they are able to make their money, but then there are the advertisements that generate throughout the entire website.  Fortunately for the users, these ads are not in any way intrusive while they are using the site.  They don’t interfere with what they are doing or cause any hassles with the actual website.



  • Rather an archaic premise
  • A lot of members are from the United States
  • The features are very basic which allows maneuvering without any difficulties or complexities.  You don’t have to have technological skills to operate the system.
  • Registration is quick and easy to do.  It is very user-friendly as is the site in general.


  • There is only the English language available on the DateInAsia site.  It does not offer any other languages.
  • There are certain countries that the site doesn’t allow to use it, doesn’t designate which ones in the information available on the web, but there are some even within Asia.
  • The site warns potential members who may not be interested in this type of person that there are ‘ladyboys’ available along with the women.  If this is something you may not be interested in, you will need to pay attention to the folks that you are looking at.

A big con is the moderators in general or, perhaps, the support team.  They are basically invisible.  You can report any kind of inappropriate activity or scamming that may go on.  The website indicates that they will only be able to answer your ply within five to seven days.  They also will only be responding if they feel that the request merits a reply.  That would probably be along the lines of a scammer situation.


There were actually a lot of positives on DateInAsia.  Folk’s main complaints were that they were getting banned or kicked off without explanations.  It seems that the site has algorithms that monitor messages and profiles closely.  At any sign of what they deem to be inappropriate activity, they will remove that person’s profile from active status.  Some of the user’s had only been on a day or two and had done nothing that they found to be worthy of being deactivated. There were issues with men being asked for money by a few of the women members.

As far as meeting people, a good portion of the users were happy with the quality of people that they were meeting, both men and women.  It seems the women are just as involved in the searches on the site as the men are, and there are a lot of couples being formed on the site.


When you see the site pop up and it says, ‘find a bride’, that can be very misleading.  They should probably work on their antiquated marketing scheme. It seems that a majority of the users are contemporary, professional men and women who are each searching for the ideal person and not necessarily for marriage. The site can be a beneficial place for those who are looking for just friendship, companionship, or romance, whichever you decide works the best for you depending on the people that you meet.

These are not simply men ‘looking for their Asian woman’ as the site also eludes to. That in itself is very demeaning. There are many strong, confident women on the site looking for their version of the perfect man whether he be from Asia or another country that participates on the site.

All in all, it would appear that the moderators for the site have an of-yesteryear ideal of how relationships between men and women are in the current century.  The folks who are actually participating in the site have it right.  The problem is the moderators are booting everybody off who don’t coincide with their beliefs and their very stringent rules, so users are having a difficult time getting beyond their system to actually setting up meetings with potential mates.

There are those members who are tenacious because they know there are quality people on the site, so they deal with the rigorous guidelines until they can meet the right person and get out from under the website. 

That is the good thing about the site.  You know the people are good, no scams, no fakes.  Everything is kosher and legitimate because they keep watch of all that is going on.  They have excellent security and they don’t stand for anything inappropriate.  This is why the members stay or try to stay.  Basically, if you can tolerate and follow the strict regulations, it isn’t a bad place to find a good match. You just need to walk the line.