Altscene Review: Is this dating site for you?

altscene review

What is Altscene is wickedly elusive on the web, not providing any information about the site itself, and joining the site is difficult as it caters to a very specific audience.  All the same, Altscene review moves forward with Neil Walden who developed this website approximately five years ago through his company, Coda Digital, which is based in the United Kingdom. There are thousands of members on the website for which the United States makes up approximately 3%.

‘Despite the dodgy sounding name, Altscene is a free meeting site for anyone following an alternative lifestyle.’ Yes, Altscene is absolutely, 100% free to all members it appears.  It is very basic to use.  There are no bells or whistle attached, no complicated format, no difficulties for those that are not tech savvy.  It is very simplistic and user friendly. 

The exclusivity of the site is a safe haven for folks who find themselves not fitting in within their current dating circles or, for that matter, traveling around in their day-to-day life.  The niche follows those belonging to the goth, punk, emo, rocker, skater and metalhead singles groups.  It allows the members to feel free to let go and be the authentic version of themselves among their peers.

One of the nice things about this site is it is not necessarily a ‘dating’ site all together.  It is set up for that and some of the users do sign up with that intention, but it is also a social site where users sign up to meet people, become friends and just expand their social network.  In general, the people who make up this medium on this site don’t find that they fit in with those around them in their everyday life, so making friends is difficult.  This site gives them a unique opportunity to do that.  The site is welcome to pretty much anybody who feels that they don’t meet ‘conventional’ trends. 

Altscene has been the answer for some members who haven’t found luck on the stereotypical platform of the all-inclusive dating sites where they find folks just pass over them for more ‘traditional’ mates.  When this site came along, it allowed the users to be able to find the soul mate that shared all of the same rare qualities as the members themselves in one format.

It seems the basis of the site is music.  It really focuses on what type of music each user follows, their favorite band, the genre they’re in, and if they share that with other members.  That is how the conversations begin to generate and from there friendships or relationships develop.  When you put up a post, you either show your interest in whether you’re focused on dating or rather friendship and if you happen to follow their specific music or if you are of their same lifestyle be it gothic or metalhead or whichever they are.

When you become a registered user, you can send the people you like a flirt, a friend request or else emails.  You are able to list on your profile your favorite bands, music style, and lifestyle that you enjoy.  Then you are able to connect with the members who may share these same tastes that you have.

There is a ‘quick search’ box which allows for a search that will take you by the member’s location, sexuality, favorite music, age range, or gender.  The tool will help you if you can’t think of what you’re trying to list as far as musical band or style.  By typing in a few of the letters, it will bring up several suggestions for you. 

The founder feels that by starting a conversation based on shared interest in music, it will lead to discussions on other topics related to culture including films or literature and even fashion. The dialog can move forward into a romantic encounter or it can stay a platonic friendship and grow to include several other members who may join in via the community chat room or the forum. 

There is no privacy promises with Altscene and they are very upfront about that fact.  They let you know full well that all the data that you post will be used to display for the public by the company.  They further indicate that they are in no way and do not accept any responsibility for damages that are incurred by you in any way while using the site.  It is a requirement that you be at least eighteen years of age or older in order to participate on Altscene.



Signing on to become a user for Altscene is very easy and a quick process which takes no more than approximately thirty seconds.  It is just a matter of entering some basic information

You don’t need to confirm, validate or verify anything.  Just sign in and start using search to find a friend.

The site is very simplistic and user friendly.  There are not a lot of tools to have to maneuver and no complexities that you have to be hassled by.  Everything is easy to manage, get from place to place without any difficulties.  This is not a site where you need to worry about being technologically advanced.


For a pretty basic kind of site, Altscene does offer a few services to their members that will enable them to get engaged with each other.  The features, however, lean more toward a social-type setup than a dating arrangement.

Profile. With your profile, you want to talk about your musical interests.  It appears that is the whole premise of this site along with your lifestyle choices.  Having shared interests in those areas produces either the beginning of a friendship or a possible dating scenario.

Photo.  These should be photos of you being your true, unique, individual self as you want a partner to perceive you.

Flirts. These are virtual blips that you send to a person to show that you have a special feeling for them.

Emails. The site allows for you to send and receive private emails with other members at no fee.

Friend Request.  As with a lot of social media-type platforms, you can request that someone be friends with you specifically.

Community Chat.  Friends can message with each other in the Altscene chatroom at no cost.

Forum.  Altscene provides a group forum where folks can get together and discuss a variety of topics completely on a free basis.


The site is touted as being completely and utterly 100% free to all of its users.  There are no hidden fees or subscriptions necessary to unlock any premium features.  Everything on the site is available at no cost to the users.  The site is also pretty basic and doesn’t offer a whole lot in the way of a ‘premium’ version of features to be unlocked.



  • This is a really nice niche site for people to get together for socializing where it may be difficult for them to find a group of people with shared interests in their typical everyday setting.
  • The site is completely free to its users.
  • The forum is a great opportunity for people to get together and talk about issues that may be important to them.


  • The site shares all of the data that you put into their system publicly. 
  • There is not a lot of United States participation, only about 3% of the users are from the U.S.
  • There is no mobile app.  You can log in on your phone, of course, and still use it, but there is no specific mobile app.


There were a lot of mixed reviews for Altscene.  That can be understood in this type of setting.  There are people with so many different types of lifestyles which will bring some contention if you mix them all up together especially in a forum or chat room.  Some of them found the site to be a nightmare and the members to be ‘horrible’, drug-addled, disgusting and a number of other adjectives.  There were a lot who found it a great place to make social connections and are glad to be a part of it, but they found that socialization was the only reason for the site.  They did not find it to be necessarily a ‘dating’ site.  Some, however, did find their soul mate with a few marriages and a slew of successful couples.  All in all a basic positive as far as friendships and a bit of dating.


This site is not bad.  It can be used for a dating site.  As was noted, there were some people who found successful matches. As a whole, though, it seems to be much more powerful as a social network, which isn’t a terrible thing.  This is a really great place for people to develop bonds with folks of a similar background with shared interests and create lasting friendships. More ‘dating’ sites need to follow this format and let folks join with the intention of friendship rather than dive right into the romance mode. People are allowed to be exactly who they are there with no fallacies, no pretending, no masks.  Everyone is authentic.  It’s the perfect setup.

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