The 3 best free hookup apps in the USA

What are the best free hookup apps to use in 2019?

It doesn’t matter your age, gender, or sexual orientation – there is a good chance that you are looking for a partner to spend the rest of your life with, at some point. Of course, while you might not be ready now; the truth is that many individuals all around the world dream about starting a family with the right person. This allows for a foundation for someone to build their career/legacy, and enjoy watching their children grow up and become parents themselves.

Of course, sometimes, we aren’t looking for that special someone. We might simply want someone to be physical with. It might be that we are in a city that we don’t know because of professional reasons, or studying abroad for a year. Of course, you don’t have to look for a potential husband or wife in these situations – you might simply want your sexual and emotional needs taken care of while you are in a temporary place. It might not even be about your physical state of mind, but your mental state of mind, as well.

For example, you might have just gotten out of an intense relationship. It might be time to meet new people and learn more about them in a superficial manner rather than jumping right into an exclusive relationship. We all know that “hooking up” is part of growing up these days, and technology has certainly contributed to that. Here, we take a look at the 3 best free hookup apps.

It should be noted that there are many hookup apps that do require money for a subscription, and that this list will not include those particular apps. While there is nothing wrong in investing in your personal/social life, this list will only include apps that are free for the consumer.

Coffee Meets Bagel

One of the great things about Coffee Meets Bagel is how much it caters to women who are interested in dating. If you are a woman who is tired of the messages that you receive on dating apps – this is an app that might be worth exploring. It doesn’t matter if you keep receiving spam messages, inappropriate messages, or other content from men – Coffee Meets Bagel puts power back into the woman’s hand. How does the app work?

One of the greatest things about the app is the fact that a Facebook account is required. If you consider that there are over 2 billion active Facebook users; it is clear that this doesn’t limit people that much. A cell phone number is also required. There’s a good chance that everyone you know, at this point, has a Facebook profile. Why is this better? Well, there is an additional safety aspect. This helps to cut down on fake accounts and spam accounts, for example.

That isn’t all, and it isn’t the main reason that Coffee Meets Bagel utilizes this strategy. Coffee Meets Bagel believes tremendously in the power of mutual friends, and Facebook matches are used to improve your profile and your prospects.

It should also be noted that just because Coffee Meet Bagel is designed for relationships – it doesn’t mean that it can’t be used as a hookup app. Of course, every app that is designed for a meaningful relationship can ultimately be a hookup app.

Another reason why Coffee Meets Bagel is how quickly a user can create a profile. Of course, this does require some information such as education, job, and location. However, here is where Coffee Meets Bagel yet again shines in terms of a safety aspect: names are not ever disclosed unless there is a mutual “like”. This is great in terms of individuals who might be afraid of stalking, for example.

The man is known as the “coffee”, for those who were still wondering about the name. Every day, they are presented with 21 “bagels”, which are women who are interested in meeting a potential man.

The app is well-designed to be modern, and its casual “feel” makes it quite comfortable for both men and women. When one considers the #MeToo movement and the fact that powerful men are being held more accountable for their words and actions with respect to women – Coffee Meets Bagel can be a great app to use, even for a casual good time.


When it comes to getting value for your dollar, or “bang for your buck” – it’s hard to deny just how incredible OKCupid is in terms of a free app. That might be the reason why it has over 10 million registered users. One of the greatest aspects of OKCupid is that it allows for maximum personalization, so you can not only describe exactly what you are looking for, but also search for exactly what you are looking for. Therefore, if you are interested in strictly hooking up with someone, you can not only make that clear in your profile, but also search for other people who have made that clear, as well.

Another the reason the site might appeal to users is the fact that there are all sorts of gender identities and sexual orientations to claim, which might be refreshing for those who have been using apps with very limited options.

You can also find a partner based on similar hobbies or interests, which might be great even for those who are hooking up. After all, hooking up still requires some sort of conversation, and there are many people who are discerning about a sexual partner, even if it is only casual dating. If you want an individual of a certain height, body type, age, etc…you can filter through the millions of users and find someone for you. You can also filter based on as well, which can be useful for those who are constantly traveling. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a hookup or more, there are few better dating apps out there than OKCupid. There are even ways to find someone based on their political leanings, as well!


Badoo is one of the most popular dating apps in the world, and with good reason. One of the ways it has managed to gain traction is because it is so focused on the visual, which might not work too well for those who are looking for a serious relationship. However, for those looking to hook up – they might appreciate the emphasis on physical appearance. The dating app has over 350 million users, so it is very clear that they know what they are doing.

The app is focused on geolocation, which is great for those who are trying to hook up. After all, it’s hard to hook up with someone who isn’t near to you. In this respect, Badoo does a great job in terms of an easy and comfortable layout for those who want to hook up with people around the area. There is a premium version available, but as with all of the apps mentioned – it is a free app, as well.

There is a “hot or not” game that makes it very easy to see who finds you attractive, which is great for those who are simply trying to be physical. One of the reasons Badoo has become so popular is that it is extremely easy to navigate, and it is also extremely easy to make a profile. There is even a feature that allows you to find potential hookups that look like actual celebrities! This is thanks to facial recognition software that Badoo utilizes, and is a testament to the fact that Badoo is always staying ahead of the curve.

There are people from all over the world on the app, which makes it a great decision for a hookup app no matter where you are. Whether you are trying to find people to hook up with close to your home/work, or trying to find a hookup while on vacation – Badoo can help. Many point out that Badoo even feels like its own social network with its own ecosystem rather than an actual dating app, and there is even a way to examine your own “popularity” so that you can tweak your profile in order to get more replies.


These are some of the best free apps in the world when it comes to hooking up with people, and technology truly has come a long way. While those who were interested in each other centuries ago might have had to send letters, or tell them in person – these days, all it takes is a couple of clicks to let someone know that you might be interested in hooking up with them. The beauty of this is that it can happen anywhere in the world.

There are plenty of apps that cost money, but when it comes to free apps for hookups – these are three of the best. While it might not always be easy to find a connection, the truth is that young people these days want to get their sexual needs taken care of while they fulfill their personal and professional ambitions. These three apps allow that to happen, and they won’t hurt your wallet while doing so!