The 3 best free hookup apps in the USA

What are the best free hookup apps to use in 2019?

It doesn’t matter your age, gender, or sexual orientation – there is a good chance that you are looking for a partner to spend the rest of your life with, at some point. Of course, while you might not be ready now; the truth is that many individuals all around the world dream about starting a family with the right person. This allows for a foundation for someone to build their career/legacy, and enjoy watching their children grow up and become parents themselves.

Of course, sometimes, we aren’t looking for that special someone. We might simply want someone to be physical with. It might be that we are in a city that we don’t know because of professional reasons, or studying abroad for a year. Of course, you don’t have to look for a potential husband or wife in these situations – you might simply want your sexual and emotional needs taken care of while you are in a temporary place. It might not even be about your physical state of mind, but your mental state of mind, as well.

For example, you might have just gotten out of an intense relationship. It might be time to meet new people and learn more about them in a superficial manner rather than jumping right into an exclusive relationship. We all know that “hooking up” is part of growing up these days, and technology has certainly contributed to that. Here, we take a look at the 3 best free hookup apps.

It should be noted that there are many hookup apps that do require money for a subscription, and that this list will not include those particular apps. While there is nothing wrong in investing in your personal/social life, this list will only include apps that are free for the consumer.

Coffee Meets Bagel

One of the great things about Coffee Meets Bagel is how much it caters to women who are interested in dating. If you are a woman who is tired of the messages that you receive on dating apps – this is an app that might be worth exploring. It doesn’t matter if you keep receiving spam messages, inappropriate messages, or other content from men – Coffee Meets Bagel puts power back into the woman’s hand. How does the app work?

One of the greatest things about the app is the fact that a Facebook account is required. If you consider that there are over 2 billion active Facebook users; it is clear that this doesn’t limit people that much. A cell phone number is also required. There’s a good chance that everyone you know, at this point, has a Facebook profile. Why is this better? Well, there is an additional safety aspect. This helps to cut down on fake accounts and spam accounts, for example.

That isn’t all, and it isn’t the main reason that Coffee Meets Bagel utilizes this strategy. Coffee Meets Bagel believes tremendously in the power of mutual friends, and Facebook matches are used to improve your profile and your prospects.

It should also be noted that just because Coffee Meet Bagel is designed for relationships – it doesn’t mean that it can’t be used as a hookup app. Of course, every app that is designed for a meaningful relationship can ultimately be a hookup app.

Another reason why Coffee Meets Bagel is how quickly a user can create a profile. Of course, this does require some information such as education, job, and location. However, here is where Coffee Meets Bagel yet again shines in terms of a safety aspect: names are not ever disclosed unless there is a mutual “like”. This is great in terms of individuals who might be afraid of stalking, for example.

The man is known as the “coffee”, for those who were still wondering about the name. Every day, they are presented with 21 “bagels”, which are women who are interested in meeting a potential man.

The app is well-designed to be modern, and its casual “feel” makes it quite comfortable for both men and women. When one considers the #MeToo movement and the fact that powerful men are being held more accountable for their words and actions with respect to women – Coffee Meets Bagel can be a great app to use, even for a casual good time.


When it comes to getting value for your dollar, or “bang for your buck” – it’s hard to deny just how incredible OKCupid is in terms of a free app. That might be the reason why it has over 10 million registered users. One of the greatest aspects of OKCupid is that it allows for maximum personalization, so you can not only describe exactly what you are looking for, but also search for exactly what you are looking for. Therefore, if you are interested in strictly hooking up with someone, you can not only make that clear in your profile, but also search for other people who have made that clear, as well.

Another the reason the site might appeal to users is the fact that there are all sorts of gender identities and sexual orientations to claim, which might be refreshing for those who have been using apps with very limited options.

You can also find a partner based on similar hobbies or interests, which might be great even for those who are hooking up. After all, hooking up still requires some sort of conversation, and there are many people who are discerning about a sexual partner, even if it is only casual dating. If you want an individual of a certain height, body type, age, etc…you can filter through the millions of users and find someone for you. You can also filter based on as well, which can be useful for those who are constantly traveling. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a hookup or more, there are few better dating apps out there than OKCupid. There are even ways to find someone based on their political leanings, as well!


Badoo is one of the most popular dating apps in the world, and with good reason. One of the ways it has managed to gain traction is because it is so focused on the visual, which might not work too well for those who are looking for a serious relationship. However, for those looking to hook up – they might appreciate the emphasis on physical appearance. The dating app has over 350 million users, so it is very clear that they know what they are doing.

The app is focused on geolocation, which is great for those who are trying to hook up. After all, it’s hard to hook up with someone who isn’t near to you. In this respect, Badoo does a great job in terms of an easy and comfortable layout for those who want to hook up with people around the area. There is a premium version available, but as with all of the apps mentioned – it is a free app, as well.

There is a “hot or not” game that makes it very easy to see who finds you attractive, which is great for those who are simply trying to be physical. One of the reasons Badoo has become so popular is that it is extremely easy to navigate, and it is also extremely easy to make a profile. There is even a feature that allows you to find potential hookups that look like actual celebrities! This is thanks to facial recognition software that Badoo utilizes, and is a testament to the fact that Badoo is always staying ahead of the curve.

There are people from all over the world on the app, which makes it a great decision for a hookup app no matter where you are. Whether you are trying to find people to hook up with close to your home/work, or trying to find a hookup while on vacation – Badoo can help. Many point out that Badoo even feels like its own social network with its own ecosystem rather than an actual dating app, and there is even a way to examine your own “popularity” so that you can tweak your profile in order to get more replies.


These are some of the best free apps in the world when it comes to hooking up with people, and technology truly has come a long way. While those who were interested in each other centuries ago might have had to send letters, or tell them in person – these days, all it takes is a couple of clicks to let someone know that you might be interested in hooking up with them. The beauty of this is that it can happen anywhere in the world.

There are plenty of apps that cost money, but when it comes to free apps for hookups – these are three of the best. While it might not always be easy to find a connection, the truth is that young people these days want to get their sexual needs taken care of while they fulfill their personal and professional ambitions. These three apps allow that to happen, and they won’t hurt your wallet while doing so!

Date In Asia Review: Is this dating site for you?

Introduction to DateInAsia

A DateInAsia Review that is probably going to set itself apart from the rest.  This site advertises, ‘find a bride’.  Is this an archaeic concept or is there something they’re not sharing that would bring the point home showing they are actually a ‘dating site’ which they also claim? One that has evolved into the modern world in its endeavors to bring women and men together with hopes of a possible connection, proceeding to a meeting and, from there, either a friendship or perhaps a romance that may or may not lead to marriage. In the information that was provided on this site, the rumination that continued to play was ‘mail-order bride’.

The other piece of this puzzle that exists is, if this is a ‘dating site’, where are the men’s profiles to be searched on the site for the women who are interested in dating Asian men?  Throughout all of the material it touts that you can come to the site and view hundreds of beautiful women.  What if you are a woman?  You don’t want a woman.  You’re interest would be in a man.  It again takes you back to the idea that this is another way to ‘shop’ for a mail-order bride, but all dressed up in a different format.

One of the most searched of dating sites out of all of the dating sites on the market is the Asian dating site.  This is because a good portion of westerners adore Asian women and Asian dating sites are populated with women being sought by men.  The outcome of those searches is with hopes of a long-term commitment.

The premise behind the DateInAsia site is that there be a match designated and a conversation initiated.  After that conversation, if they have clicked and want to continue communicating or possibly meet each other, they need to do so outside of the DateInAsia medium.  That is unusual for any dating platform to cut people loose so quickly.  They usually try to get their members to stay with them for as long as they can.



The sign in is super simple and basic as with most any other dating website.  As is standard, you need to provide your name and a valid email address.  They also have you think up a username that you will be able to remember.  A mobile number is also a requirement because they will send an activation code to that number.

When it’s time to work on your profile, you will be asked to fill in information on yourself in your own words, no prompting.  It can be 100% about you or the person you are looking for, anything you want to write about.  You also have the option of skipping this section all together.  The problem with that is, by passing over this part, your profile won’t have the chance to stand out among other folk’s basic profiles.  The best way to approach this section is to be short but powerful enough that you hook someone’s attention in just a few words.  The rest you can discuss together in a more private scenario.


DateInAsia is a very generic-type site.  The focus of this site is sincerely to couple people together in a lasting relationship.  They really don’t seem to have an interest in providing any gadgets or catchy ‘flirts’ or ‘winks’ or any of that to ‘play’ with each other.  They just want the members to get down to it.


  This is the sole source of communication on the site.  There is no kind of ‘chat’ or ‘video chat’ options.


You can hit a heart button on a member’s profile that will add that person to your ‘hot’ list.  This basically saves them to a list of favorite people that you are interested in.

Advanced search.  Searching that is filtered further by particular appearance traits, religious values, education, willingness for relocation, and many more things that you can select.


DateInAsia considers privacy and safety as its number one focus.  They implement SSL tech in order to encrypt the data that goes into the website as well as using a member moderation system in which each member has the chance to report suspected illegal activity or fake profiles.  With each report, the member receives a star and after five, they receive a badge. 


DateInAsia touts itself as being completely free to all members and really offers no features whatsoever that would require any kind of subscription service to pay for.  It kind of makes you wonder how they are able to make their money, but then there are the advertisements that generate throughout the entire website.  Fortunately for the users, these ads are not in any way intrusive while they are using the site.  They don’t interfere with what they are doing or cause any hassles with the actual website.



  • Rather an archaic premise
  • A lot of members are from the United States
  • The features are very basic which allows maneuvering without any difficulties or complexities.  You don’t have to have technological skills to operate the system.
  • Registration is quick and easy to do.  It is very user-friendly as is the site in general.


  • There is only the English language available on the DateInAsia site.  It does not offer any other languages.
  • There are certain countries that the site doesn’t allow to use it, doesn’t designate which ones in the information available on the web, but there are some even within Asia.
  • The site warns potential members who may not be interested in this type of person that there are ‘ladyboys’ available along with the women.  If this is something you may not be interested in, you will need to pay attention to the folks that you are looking at.

A big con is the moderators in general or, perhaps, the support team.  They are basically invisible.  You can report any kind of inappropriate activity or scamming that may go on.  The website indicates that they will only be able to answer your ply within five to seven days.  They also will only be responding if they feel that the request merits a reply.  That would probably be along the lines of a scammer situation.


There were actually a lot of positives on DateInAsia.  Folk’s main complaints were that they were getting banned or kicked off without explanations.  It seems that the site has algorithms that monitor messages and profiles closely.  At any sign of what they deem to be inappropriate activity, they will remove that person’s profile from active status.  Some of the user’s had only been on a day or two and had done nothing that they found to be worthy of being deactivated. There were issues with men being asked for money by a few of the women members.

As far as meeting people, a good portion of the users were happy with the quality of people that they were meeting, both men and women.  It seems the women are just as involved in the searches on the site as the men are, and there are a lot of couples being formed on the site.


When you see the site pop up and it says, ‘find a bride’, that can be very misleading.  They should probably work on their antiquated marketing scheme. It seems that a majority of the users are contemporary, professional men and women who are each searching for the ideal person and not necessarily for marriage. The site can be a beneficial place for those who are looking for just friendship, companionship, or romance, whichever you decide works the best for you depending on the people that you meet.

These are not simply men ‘looking for their Asian woman’ as the site also eludes to. That in itself is very demeaning. There are many strong, confident women on the site looking for their version of the perfect man whether he be from Asia or another country that participates on the site.

All in all, it would appear that the moderators for the site have an of-yesteryear ideal of how relationships between men and women are in the current century.  The folks who are actually participating in the site have it right.  The problem is the moderators are booting everybody off who don’t coincide with their beliefs and their very stringent rules, so users are having a difficult time getting beyond their system to actually setting up meetings with potential mates.

There are those members who are tenacious because they know there are quality people on the site, so they deal with the rigorous guidelines until they can meet the right person and get out from under the website. 

That is the good thing about the site.  You know the people are good, no scams, no fakes.  Everything is kosher and legitimate because they keep watch of all that is going on.  They have excellent security and they don’t stand for anything inappropriate.  This is why the members stay or try to stay.  Basically, if you can tolerate and follow the strict regulations, it isn’t a bad place to find a good match. You just need to walk the line.

Review of Christian Mingle: Pro’s & Con’s

Introduction to Christian Mingle

Singles searching for love based on a common faith in God and Jesus Christ should look no further than Christian Mingle. Since 1997, the niche dating site has helped spark relationships, and subsequently many marriages among like-minded Christians around the world. A visit to the website even reveals a lovely Bible-inspired passage for those who are looking for their someone special: “Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is here.” Love is definitely here indeed, or the potential for love at least. Since its launch, the dating site has earned the distinction of being the largest Christian dating site in the world. While it is free to sign up for an initial membership, those singles out there who are really serious about finding their special someone should definitely consider paying for an upgrade to Standard membership with the option to choose between one month, two months, or three months, and renew since a paid membership offers more benefits when it comes to browsing and actually communicating with matches.

With its user-friendly design and easy-to-understand sections and buttons, Christian Mingle makes it easy for people to search for potential partners. The simple sign up can be done with an email address or using a Facebook account, and then it’s time to set up a profile. The security and safety of users on Christian Mingle are extremely important, and the site offers secure online dating and implements a number of measures including 48 to 72-hour approval of photos upon submission.

There are no shortage of individuals from around the world looking for love online. In fact, Christian Mingle attracts 60,000 new members per month, single men and women, all wanting real partnerships based on spirituality, faith, and similar beliefs in God. It is interesting to note that an outside study of American Christians revealed that nearly 30 percent of all Christian marriages that originated online began on Christian Mingle.


Affordable, easy to navigate and offering access to numerous matches, Christian Mingle is a popular platform for people to meet like-minded single Christians. While the site focuses on Christians dating, there are actually users of different denominations and beliefs. For those who are curious and not sure whether online dating is for them in the first place, Free Membership is a great way to test the unknown waters. With this level of membership, people can create a profile by selecting their discovery preferences based on their ideal match’s gender, age, location and relationship type. In addition, free members are able to browse their potential partners through a database featuring a filter function ranging from new members to who’s online, distance, match percentage and more. Every day, users receive a list of match recommendations based on compatible profiles. If free members see anyone they like, they can show their interest by sending winks; they are also able to send and read messages that they receive from other paid subscribers.  

Paying for membership to Christian Mingle has a few great perks. For instance, paid subscribers are actually the only ones able to send messages to anyone on the dating site. Plus, they can browse anonymously, have access to privacy filters and see if another person reads their messages. Having a paid membership offers members more control in their search for love online. 

Other useful features of the dating site include a match percentage indicating likelihood of compatibility, a straightforward easy to understand layout design that makes it simple for users to figure out where to browse profiles, see potential matches, among other key functions. There is also a Look Book feature allowing users to heart or X a profile.

Another helpful feature is the blog, or magazine, called “Believe.” On these pages, there are inspiring, real-life success stories as well as helpful feature articles touching on everything from “Spiritual Singles: Finding Your Soulmate” to “Christian Dating,” “Expert Insights: Rethinking Love: (It’s More Than Just Emotion)” and more. The Christian Mingle app offers added convenience for finding love from your smartphone anywhere you go.


One of the main advantages of Christian Mingle is the simple sign-up process. It only takes a few minutes, and users can select whether they want to use their email or Facebook log-in to register. From there, users fill out their profile, choose an original username and upload at least one photo. It is always best to include more than one photo so that others have a better idea of what you look like, as well as information to see if they would like to get to know you better.

The profile questions are thorough with fields for important details ranging from marital status to education, occupation, drinking habits, to more Christianity-oriented information such as religion and church attendance. Members also have the opportunity to share their dating preferences, whether they prefer a coffee/tea date, having drinks, doing an activity and more. Knowing this information ahead of time can help with the planning of the first date should you decide to take the connection offline and into real life, and in-face meetings.

Finding the “one” on Christian Mingle is supported through the “Discovery” function, which allows users to narrow down criteria for their ideal match. Options include gender, race, age range, distance and height.

Christian Mingle does its best to make sure that people on the site say who they are and also does everything it can to prevent fake profiles. They are also proactive about addressing online scammers and inappropriate behavior, ensuring that its members feel comfortable, safe and secure in their online dating experience. For example, all photos must be approved before they go live on the site, and that typically takes 24 to 48 hours. In addition, members don’t have to user their real names, nor are they allowed to include personal contact information, both of which add other layers of safe, secure browsing. Of course, their safety tips come in handy when mingling online.

Another big plus is the site’s pool of prospective Christian partners, as it holds the distinction of connecting over 16 million people around the world, as well as attractive over 1 million monthly visitors.

For those members who need assistance, whether it’s troubleshooting, payment, or other problems with the app, they will be glad to know that customer support is available 24/7 via email or chat.

One other plus to note is that being a member of Christian Mingle expands the pool of potential partners, who you would have otherwise not have encountered in real life, so that’s another advantage.


Although Christian Mingle is obviously geared toward Christians looking for love, the dating site actually welcomes anyone no matter their religious background. This can be seen as a drawback for those individuals who are actively seeking a like-minded Christian partner.

Some females may view the primarily female-member site as somewhat of a hindrance, with women accounting for a slight majority of the user base.

Also, while people who subscribe for a free membership can browse through different profiles, there is limited communication, making connecting with others difficult unless you subscribe for a standard membership, or a standard member messages you first.

As with any online dating site, you can’t really know if there is a connection unless you meet someone in person. While Christian Mingle does have a strict policy in terms of its photo verification process, you still never know if there are a few bad eggs out there and misrepresenting themselves online.

People who have used the site have also said that searching for matches can be time-consuming as it is with any other site. The Christian Mingle database has millions of potential partners and it takes an investment of time to look for the one.


Singles interested in seeing what Christian Mingle is all about can sign up for absolutely free. However, users will certainly increase their visibility and chance to spark romance by upgrading to a Standard Membership, which means access to more tools such as chat messaging.

The Standard Membership is available at different price points depending on the duration of the membership, so $49.99 for one month, $34.99 for three months and $24.99 for six months. As you can tell, the longer you make a committment, the more affordable it becomes to be a member on Christian Mingle. In addition, the Standard Membership offers access to a chat messaging tool to get the conversations started.

As for the payment, Christian Mingle accepts major credit cards as well as a check to Sparks Network USA.


Overall, Christian Mingle seems to be a popular dating site among its user base. Just looking at the many photos of the happily married couples and former members on the site’s Belief blog will definitely have you believing, love with like-minded Christians is absolutely possible. Ultimately, it is about similar people having similar values, looking for someone to share their life’s journey with, and this site seems to deliver on helping people make, meaningful, spiritual connections, whether for short-term dating or something more serious down the road. Unlike other sites, faith and values are an inherent part of the Christian Mingle community and the site could be the answer to many people’s prayers about love. Amen to that and hopefully there will be many blessings when it comes to love!

The 3 Best Dating Sites For Teenagers in the USA

How to pick the Best Dating Site For Teenagers

Gone are the days where teenagers met their potential boyfriends, and girlfriends through friends, family or school. In ‘today’s world, the internet has taken over, and most teens prefer going online to find a potential date.

There are hundreds of websites, apps, and social media platforms that embrace teenagers. Teens use these platforms to get to know other teens whom they share the same traits or are as “cool” as they believe to be!

To get the 3 best dating sites for teenagers, we scoped the web looking for websites that are open to teens aged 13 yrs to 19yrs.

Our search revealed the three sites mentioned below as the most fun-filled and exhilarating platforms for teens to mingle and find a potential mate…

1. Allo Talk Review

Allo Talk is one of the latest teen dating sites ‘that’s proven to be a gem among dating websites. It operates as a social and messaging app that targets teens aged 13 yrs to 19 yrs.

The site is designed around dating and comes with a few functions and features than those exhibited by the rest of the popular social media platforms in the offing today.

However, the site allows users to create a permanent account and benefit from the services provided. Allo Talk claims to be the safest dating platform for teens, and below are some of the reasons why it claims so…

For starters, to register with the site, you must have either a Facebook or Twitter account that you link with Allo Talk. The username and password you use on either FB or Twitter will serve as your credentials on Allo Talk.

The website also accesses your public photo from whichever social media account you link it to and use it as the main Allo Talk profile picture.

You ‘don’t have another option to register with this dating site, but you are at liberty to edit the profile page and manage settings. After registering, you can join chat rooms that appeal to you most.

Once you attain membership, there are two ways you can communicate on this platform, either through chat rooms or private chats.

Private conversations can be sent for free. A significant majority of members using this site favor chat rooms as they’re the busiest.

Most of the conversations taking place in the chat rooms are decent and revolve around topics teenagers discuss. There is, however, an occasional slur here and there.

Allo Talk Special Features

Some of the unique features that make this teen dating site standout include:

News: dedicated to delivering news concerning any changes or updates from the administrators.

Friends Wall: works in a similar fashion as status update and news feed on Facebook. Other users are welcomes to like, comment, or dislike the status. You can delete the post if you wish.

Search: the feature makes it possible for you to look for members based on their gender, rank, username, age, and activity. Using this feature allows one to search for the most active and new members alike.

Contact Us: use this link to ask questions, give feedback, or comment by filling the contact form that is exclusive to the administrators.

Messaging platform: The primary audience on Allo Talk are teenagers. When using this feature, you can send smileys, and GIFs, change the text font color, share a YouTube link or send a video, and send files and images.

KIIS FM Radio: on the site, a radio station going by the name KIIS FM is embedded, and you can listen and sing along to music blaring from the site as you carry on with chatting and looking for a possible mate.

Allo Talk Pros

  • The dating/chat site is for teens aged 13 yrs to 19 yrs
  • The site can be accessed in 12 different languages
  • The site is operational on the website and mobile app platforms
  • Parents can read the blog section to ensure their kids are safe online

Allo Talk Cons

  • The ‘site’s overall design could use some revamping
  • The ‘website’s security feature needs to be tightened

Allo Talk Pricing

Allo Talk is a zero-rated teen dating and chatting platform that is open to teenagers. However, it offers a VIP membership plan. The charges are $9 a one-time payment that gives you lifetime access to the VIP membership platform.

On this platform, you make the one-time payment via PayPal, and you gain access to additional features that are closed off to regular members.

2.Skout Review

Skout dating app was developed for the teenage market. As a teen, you set up an account that you log into to view their profiles and interact with the ones you find interesting.

You are at liberty to post to the BuzzFeed, add pictures, comment on posts, and private message users you fancy.

While signing up, you will indicate your location; the information shared will allow you to receive notifications when another teen from your locale joins the platform. You can cash in points and use them to search in other areas.

When someone scopes your profile, you receive a notification, but you will need to use your points to find out who was checking your profile.

You earn points by taking part in activities such as uploading images, creating profiles, downloading advertising apps, and logging into apps intertwined with the Skout platform.

Skout dating is more PG-13 when compared to social media platforms targeting teens. The website has increased its moderation, providing teenagers with a much safer platform.

The administrators introduced a safety feature in 2012 to have all members log-into the platform to provide social age verification. The administration also carries out random checks on the messages to flush out adults posing as teenagers.

How Skout Works

The flirting and teenage dating app allows teenagers to make new friends whom they can meet up with if they hit it off.

Based on the ages indicated when signing-up, teens (13 yrs to 17 yrs) and adults (18 yrs to 19 yrs) are assigned to different age-appropriate groups. The instant teenagers turn 18 yrs; their account is automatically moved into the adult group.

To make it a more secure dating platform the exact location are not shared, and posts are closely monitored to deter away adult predators. The platform has disabled the sending pictures and videos on private messages feature.

Skout Pros

  • Increased security features
  • Members can earn points by using the app and responding to ads
  • ‘Teenagers’ locations are hidden
  • Dedicated to teenagers

Skout Cons

  • Users can lie about their ages on the site

Skout Pricing

The website and app are open to teenagers and is zero-rated. The platform recoups back its investment through in-app advertisements.

3. Hinge App Review

Hinge is a dating app open for teenagers. It connects to your Facebook account. The people you match up with are second and third tier connections from your main friends’ list.

The website pulls info from your Facebook account and uses the same in creating a basic profile. It includes your name, your age, your city locale, and the number of friends you have on the (Hinge) platform.

Your info will pop up publicly and ‘it’s not something you can edit. Hinge uses this measure to ensure that it blocks out predators from accessing the teenage dating platform.

After matching with a potential mate who is close to your proximity and matches your set parameters, you will be shown the best way to connect with the individual.

You can connect through an extended network of people, via a ‘friend’s network or through a Facebook friend.

Hinge allows users to edit their “About Me” section of their profiles to share their age, height and also their ethnicity and religious preference. Once you get on Hinge, you will have to answer several questions.

The set questions are used as conversation starters, and you let potential matches know whether ‘you’re here for dating, relationships, or something casual. Hinge is a teenage site that is best suited for people aged 17 yrs to 19 yrs.

You have the chance to share more about your personality by tagging the areas ‘you’re most interested in. Your shared traits will be used to find you the most compatible partner.

On Hinge, you are given a single match at a time, and you have to look at the profile carefully before deciding whether you should show interest by heart-ing their photos, or using the “X” button and dismissing them for good.

Once you start messaging each other, you have 14 days to start learning about one another, and you can exchange numbers before the match is taken off your radar and ‘you’re matched with another profile.

The timelines given encourage you and your potential matches to create meaningful connections, thus making it an ideal dating site!

Hinge Pros

  • Targets teens from age 17 and above
  • Users are mostly adults and can use it for dating or hookups
  • Offers free membership

Hinge Cons

  • Mostly a religious platform

Hinge Pricing

Once you sign-up with Hinge, you get to use it for free for the first 3 months. After the 90 days elapse, you are automatically entered into the basic free membership plan.

Under this plan, you can only see 10 profiles every day. If you desire to get unlimited matches, you have to upgrade to the premium plan that costs $7/ Month.

Altscene Review: Is this dating site for you?

What is Altscene is wickedly elusive on the web, not providing any information about the site itself, and joining the site is difficult as it caters to a very specific audience.  All the same, Altscene review moves forward with Neil Walden who developed this website approximately five years ago through his company, Coda Digital, which is based in the United Kingdom. There are thousands of members on the website for which the United States makes up approximately 3%.

‘Despite the dodgy sounding name, Altscene is a free meeting site for anyone following an alternative lifestyle.’ Yes, Altscene is absolutely, 100% free to all members it appears.  It is very basic to use.  There are no bells or whistle attached, no complicated format, no difficulties for those that are not tech savvy.  It is very simplistic and user friendly. 

The exclusivity of the site is a safe haven for folks who find themselves not fitting in within their current dating circles or, for that matter, traveling around in their day-to-day life.  The niche follows those belonging to the goth, punk, emo, rocker, skater and metalhead singles groups.  It allows the members to feel free to let go and be the authentic version of themselves among their peers.

One of the nice things about this site is it is not necessarily a ‘dating’ site all together.  It is set up for that and some of the users do sign up with that intention, but it is also a social site where users sign up to meet people, become friends and just expand their social network.  In general, the people who make up this medium on this site don’t find that they fit in with those around them in their everyday life, so making friends is difficult.  This site gives them a unique opportunity to do that.  The site is welcome to pretty much anybody who feels that they don’t meet ‘conventional’ trends. 

Altscene has been the answer for some members who haven’t found luck on the stereotypical platform of the all-inclusive dating sites where they find folks just pass over them for more ‘traditional’ mates.  When this site came along, it allowed the users to be able to find the soul mate that shared all of the same rare qualities as the members themselves in one format.

It seems the basis of the site is music.  It really focuses on what type of music each user follows, their favorite band, the genre they’re in, and if they share that with other members.  That is how the conversations begin to generate and from there friendships or relationships develop.  When you put up a post, you either show your interest in whether you’re focused on dating or rather friendship and if you happen to follow their specific music or if you are of their same lifestyle be it gothic or metalhead or whichever they are.

When you become a registered user, you can send the people you like a flirt, a friend request or else emails.  You are able to list on your profile your favorite bands, music style, and lifestyle that you enjoy.  Then you are able to connect with the members who may share these same tastes that you have.

There is a ‘quick search’ box which allows for a search that will take you by the member’s location, sexuality, favorite music, age range, or gender.  The tool will help you if you can’t think of what you’re trying to list as far as musical band or style.  By typing in a few of the letters, it will bring up several suggestions for you. 

The founder feels that by starting a conversation based on shared interest in music, it will lead to discussions on other topics related to culture including films or literature and even fashion. The dialog can move forward into a romantic encounter or it can stay a platonic friendship and grow to include several other members who may join in via the community chat room or the forum. 

There is no privacy promises with Altscene and they are very upfront about that fact.  They let you know full well that all the data that you post will be used to display for the public by the company.  They further indicate that they are in no way and do not accept any responsibility for damages that are incurred by you in any way while using the site.  It is a requirement that you be at least eighteen years of age or older in order to participate on Altscene.



Signing on to become a user for Altscene is very easy and a quick process which takes no more than approximately thirty seconds.  It is just a matter of entering some basic information

You don’t need to confirm, validate or verify anything.  Just sign in and start using search to find a friend.

The site is very simplistic and user friendly.  There are not a lot of tools to have to maneuver and no complexities that you have to be hassled by.  Everything is easy to manage, get from place to place without any difficulties.  This is not a site where you need to worry about being technologically advanced.


For a pretty basic kind of site, Altscene does offer a few services to their members that will enable them to get engaged with each other.  The features, however, lean more toward a social-type setup than a dating arrangement.

Profile. With your profile, you want to talk about your musical interests.  It appears that is the whole premise of this site along with your lifestyle choices.  Having shared interests in those areas produces either the beginning of a friendship or a possible dating scenario.

Photo.  These should be photos of you being your true, unique, individual self as you want a partner to perceive you.

Flirts. These are virtual blips that you send to a person to show that you have a special feeling for them.

Emails. The site allows for you to send and receive private emails with other members at no fee.

Friend Request.  As with a lot of social media-type platforms, you can request that someone be friends with you specifically.

Community Chat.  Friends can message with each other in the Altscene chatroom at no cost.

Forum.  Altscene provides a group forum where folks can get together and discuss a variety of topics completely on a free basis.


The site is touted as being completely and utterly 100% free to all of its users.  There are no hidden fees or subscriptions necessary to unlock any premium features.  Everything on the site is available at no cost to the users.  The site is also pretty basic and doesn’t offer a whole lot in the way of a ‘premium’ version of features to be unlocked.



  • This is a really nice niche site for people to get together for socializing where it may be difficult for them to find a group of people with shared interests in their typical everyday setting.
  • The site is completely free to its users.
  • The forum is a great opportunity for people to get together and talk about issues that may be important to them.


  • The site shares all of the data that you put into their system publicly. 
  • There is not a lot of United States participation, only about 3% of the users are from the U.S.
  • There is no mobile app.  You can log in on your phone, of course, and still use it, but there is no specific mobile app.


There were a lot of mixed reviews for Altscene.  That can be understood in this type of setting.  There are people with so many different types of lifestyles which will bring some contention if you mix them all up together especially in a forum or chat room.  Some of them found the site to be a nightmare and the members to be ‘horrible’, drug-addled, disgusting and a number of other adjectives.  There were a lot who found it a great place to make social connections and are glad to be a part of it, but they found that socialization was the only reason for the site.  They did not find it to be necessarily a ‘dating’ site.  Some, however, did find their soul mate with a few marriages and a slew of successful couples.  All in all a basic positive as far as friendships and a bit of dating.


This site is not bad.  It can be used for a dating site.  As was noted, there were some people who found successful matches. As a whole, though, it seems to be much more powerful as a social network, which isn’t a terrible thing.  This is a really great place for people to develop bonds with folks of a similar background with shared interests and create lasting friendships. More ‘dating’ sites need to follow this format and let folks join with the intention of friendship rather than dive right into the romance mode. People are allowed to be exactly who they are there with no fallacies, no pretending, no masks.  Everyone is authentic.  It’s the perfect setup.

The 3 Best Introvert Dating Sites in the USA

How to pick the Best Introvert Dating Site for your needs

Introverts do not need to have a tough time finding a date. Online dating is actually more conducive for introverts. Extroverts are at relative ease while approaching people they are attracted to and asking them out in real life. The fact that online dating does not require one to walk up to someone and pop the question makes it a much better alternative for introverts. However, introverts still need to act. They must approach people whose profiles they are interested in and should continue the conversation till it fructifies into a real date or the two move on to find other suitable matches.

There are different kinds of dating sites. All sites have their fair share of pros and cons. Introverts must try sites that are not loud and do not reward noise. Introverts will fare better when a platform facilitates easy conversations and provides tools that can be used to express different feelings without actually using words. Introverts can be good with words but they are natural at withholding their feelings. Here are three dating sites that are perfect for introverts.

1. Match is one of the three best introvert dating sites, primarily because of its anonymous browsing. It is one of the largest and most popular dating sites in the world. It is an amazing platform where one does not have to deal with gimmicks. People using the site are serious about dating and relationships. Introverts can find dates and they can explore the potential of a long term relationship. The quality of profiles on is a tad superior to those found on other equally reliable sites.

There is a feature available on called Incognito Mode. This basically allows a member to browse anonymously. One can view profiles and those people will not get to know. This is a very useful feature for introverts. While introverts do not like to talk much and find it hard to open up about their feelings or what they are thinking, this does not imply they are not keen to find out more about someone else. The Incognito Mode is certainly empowering for introverts who do not have to worry about someone finding out about them and then checking their profiles, possibly asking probing questions too.

Match has a free version. Users can become members for three months at $23.99 per month and for six months at $20.99 per month. Twelve months membership costs $19.99 a month. Match is a diverse dating platform. People from various walks of life are on the site, looking for dates, romantic relationships and partners to get married to. The open dating service does not restrict who users can connect with and how frequently one can do so. The matchmaking on the platform is also extremely effective. Match has one of the best matchmaking algorithms in the business. The matches can be further filtered and sorted.

Pros and Cons of Match

Match organizes meet-ups from time to time. These events are hosted in different places and members can meet one another. This is particularly helpful for introverts. Knowing a fair bit about a person already and then meeting someone in a small group can be more comforting. The site has members who are serious about dating and relationship. There is no fake account on the site. On the flipside, has a painfully long waiting period, especially if the verification process does not pan out smoothly. The questionnaire is extensively detailed so one has to spend some time to complete. The membership fee is not exactly cheap.

2. Review of Bumble was the first online dating site in the world. Bumble is one of the latest dating platforms. The site and its app have been widely advertised as a platform for assertive women. Bumble is founded with a simple but powerful message. It does not want women to be reticent and only men taking the first step. It not only encourages women to take the first step and ask men out but actually makes it mandatory. Men cannot send random messages to women on the platform. They can only respond to messages or initiatives taken by women. Some have presumed that the platform is girly and for women, which is another version of it is not for men. This cannot be farther from the truth.

Bumble is one of the three best introvert dating sites for the very fact that women take the first step. Traditionally, women have been considered as shy and their introvert nature is often seen as a positive attribute. Times have changed and women are not holding back their feelings or urges. Since men have been the initiator in dates and conventionally have popped life altering questions, shy women did not have trouble finding date. In fact, women are spammed with messages on dating sites. Shy men have a bigger problem than shy women. This is completely resolved on Bumble. Men do not have to take the first step so whether one is an introvert or not does not really matter.

Bumble has a free version. One week membership costs $8.99, one month costs $24.99 and three months are priced at $16.66 per month. There is a six months membership for $13.33 per month. Bumble has around twenty three million users. More than seventy two percent of the users are younger than thirty five. The app uses the swipe function to have users express their likes and dislikes. Profiles are matched and the next obvious steps follow. Since women take the first step, shy men can simply respond or choose to ignore. The latter is unlikely as only matched profiles usually get past the swiping stage. If a man does not like a profile, then he does not get a match and hence a woman is unlikely to take the initiative.

Pros and Cons of Bumble

The free version of Bumble works for many. The weekly membership fee is high but monthly subscriptions are not expensive. Premium features such as Bumble Boost are quite useful. The user base is large and it is growing. Women do not get unsolicited messages so they are more active with actually searching for potential dates. The matches or connections are short lived. They last for a day or twenty four hours. This is a serious limitation for those who cannot go online every day. There is a possibility of being ghosted on the site. The app is pretty much like Tinder. Bumble is a good app for women and introvert men.

3. Review of Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is one of the three best introvert dating sites because of the ease with which one can hook up with a potential date. The focus is largely on sex. Sites like eHarmony and Elite Singles are also good for introverts but the members on those platforms are more interested in relationships. Introverts have trouble asking people out and they have an even greater challenge in dealing with the considerations leading to sex. Since Adult Friend Finder has plenty of people using the platform to hook up with others, the whole process of finding a date and actually getting laid becomes easier for introverts.

Adult Friend Finder has millions of members. Most members love sexting. This may be a tad intimidating for introverts but that is precisely why the site is suitable. Introverts can get over their shyness with sexting. There are no strings attached. One does not have to be in a relationship to sext. One does not have to go out on a date after which one begins to sext. Members using the site can actually help introverts shake off their rigidity and let them just be and have fun.

Adult Friend Finder has a free version. There is a membership plan too. One month costs $30, three months cost $20 per month and twelve months cost $15 per month. Over twenty five million users are on the site. It is a worldwide dating platform but most members for any single country are in the United States. Although the primary purpose of most members on the site is to hook up and have sex, there is a detailed questionnaire that makes finding suitable matches much easier. The focus on sex does not take away the importance of compatibility. Introverts will always find at least a few million users online and active at any given hour. This is a site for people of every sexual orientation and the medium lets the members celebrate their kinks.

Pros and Cons of Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder does not discriminate on the basis of gender. The sex positive attitude of the members makes it easy for introverts. There are plenty of members. However, the site is outdated. The design is bad. It is easy to mistake the dating platform as an advertisement for porn. The membership is costly for a month.


Introverts looking for sex should use Adult Friend Finder. An alternative is Zoosk. Introverts looking for relationships and those who wish to get married should use Match. Alternatives include eHarmony and Elite Singles. Introvert men who want woman to take the initiative should use Bumble.

The 3 Best Black Dating Sites in the USA

How to pick the Best Black Dating Site for your needs

Black folk rather have a difficult time when they try finding love in the overwhelmingly white populated dating sites.

Most people on these apps are interested in people of their color (predominantly white) and opt to date outside the United States to find a perfect match who is of their race.

With such info in mind, there are dating sites dedicated to hooking up people of color and caters to this community.

The high-quality dating sites are dedicated to the single black pool, and they’re are growing by leaps and bounds, and today we feature 3 best black dating sites you should try…

1.Coffee Meets Bagel Review

The casual-friendly interface welcomes you to a dating site that embraces people of color. Coffee Meets Bagel is a laid back, effective and efficient dating platform that is exclusive to smart devices.

It comes in the form of a mobile app and is laden with loads of helpful tips, and communication options that make it easier to find the perfect match.

To make it open to all races and mixtures the platform uses an algorithm that works overtime to match you with your preferred ethnicity and people whom you’re most compatible with.

Since it’s a platform that is dedicated to the modern individual on the prowl for a mate, Coffee Meets Bagel has integrated a Facebook algorithm that aids it in matching pairs based on friends-of-friends on Facebook.

If you’re looking for a soul mate, you will love the app because it prioritizes efficient dating and provides you with a limited number of pairings every day.

Other than the daily pairings, you will be presented with a random number of “could be” matches that you go through daily and try to find one that appeals to you the most.

You will reach out to a potential mate via the time-limited chat pop up which has an expiring time. Moreover; the application consistently provides you with helpful feedback as well as tips that if utilized, will make you much better at online dating.

You can sift through the Photo Lab segment to choose the profile pictures that appeal to you best and send them a Woo (an incentive to have them chat you back).

The platform has been pushed as the only dating app with more female members than the male counterparts on a 60:40 ratio.

There is now a “Ladies Choice” feature introduced on the app that is more female-oriented since most women are more attracted to dating than just having casual relations.

Since its inception in 2012, Coffee Meets Bagel app boasts of creating almost 100,000 happy couples and providing a platform where there have been nearly 3 billion introductions.

Recent statistics suggest that the app received a steady 25% user growth monthly. The application gets well over 300,000 monthly visitors who are mainly from the US and some from Canada and the UK.

Black folk looking to meet up with potential mates have a platform where 96% of users hold a Bachelor’s degree and ⅓ of the users are Master’s degree holders.

The app ranks no. 1 on Google Play Store in the dating sites category in Canada and ranks 4th in the United States.

Single black people looking for love and finding a mate to settle with can use the site’s algorithm to get a compatible black lover who if they connect will lead a happier life together.

Coffee Meets Bagel Pros

  • The perfect platform for black people to meet and connect
  • Very user-friendly interface that comes with step-by-step tutorials and multiple guidelines
  • Dating platform with a higher number of female user base
  • The points system makes it possible for you to increase your success chances by using the app frequently

Coffee Meets Bagel Cons

  • The use of Facebook friends-of-friends feature to find a potential mate could cause an awkward scene when you all meet at a particular event
  • The likelihood of bumping on your ex through the friends-of-friends feature is high and could also create an inopportune time

Coffee Meets Bagel Pricing

  • Basic Plan Zero-rated
  • I Month Plan $34.99 + 6,000 beans
  • Coffee Meets Bagel Take Away
  • Setting up the profile is an easy task
  • The site displays familiar friends making it easy to accept the platform (for the anxious)
  • Presents you with detailed analytics that helps you become better at online dating
  • You get icebreaker questions that make it easy to send that first message to a potential

A friendly app that allows black people to meet and create long-lasting bonds based on their traits

2. BlackPeopleMeet Review

The BlackPeopleMeet platform is run by People Media and was launched in 2002. The platform is by far the biggest African-American dating site that brings single black folk together.

Most users on this platform are in their 30s and 40s and are searching for serious relationships. The site is open to all races and ethnicities; however, it’s mostly a platform dedicated to people of color to meet.

There’s a small number of non-black people that use the site to find a black person they’re compatible with.

BlackPeopleMeet can be accessed through two plans; the basic free plan that allows you to view users, however, you cannot interact with them, and the monthly subscription plan that opens up the whole range of features.

You will be happy with the numerous ways you can use to interact with potential matches. Features such as sending notifications, messaging asking questions, favoriting profiles, sending gifts, liking photos and sending flirts are availed to you.

Use them to show that you are approachable and also make use of the browse photos feature that allows you to swipe to indicate that you’re interested when you come across a profile you like!

The BlackPeopleMeet platform is excellent if you put in a lot as it gives you more. By taking the time to create a custom and accurate profile, and by subscribing to the premium plans, you will be narrowing your matches to the most compatible individuals.

The site gives you the chance to promote yourself on the first page of the search results. You can buy tokens ranging from $1-$20 and remain on the first page for the duration you desire.

On this platform, you get presented with daily matches. You are also given with extensive search filters that you can use to alter the profiles appearing on your home screen to suit your needs and wants.

Use the functions to filter results based on age range, gender, region, education and many more features.

BlackPeopleMeet Pros

  • A bunch of useful filters for search and history
  • Numerous ways to interact and use the platform
  • Loads of possible icebreakers at your disposal
  • Allows different orientations, body types and lifestyles
  • Message prompts in-built into profile pages

BlackPeopleMeet Cons

  • Different actions, options and sections susceptible to convolution
  • Weak match-making features
  • The free plan works for browsing and not interacting

BlackPeopleMeet Pricing

  • Free Plan Zero-rated
  • 1 Month Plan $16.75
  • 3 Months Plan $13.95/ Month
  • 6 Months Plan $11.95/ Month

BlackPeopleMeet Take Away

  • Easy sign-up platform
  • Instant live chat sessions
  • Numerous ways to interact with other users
  • Loads of icebreakers and message prompts
  • Premium subscription members can create both audio and video messages on their profiles

3. Review is one of the oldest and most recognizable online dating platforms. With a 20 year + track record, the Group Inc (MTCH) led platform is an ideal platform for black folk to meet and mingle. is backed by a unique matching algorithm which you will use to give you the most compatible profiles based on your traits.

The site opts to go for your qualities, features, and attributes as opposed to using questionnaires to calculate whom to match you up with.

The algorithm has been designed to learn who you’re (based on the things/features you insert in your profile) to match you better with profiles whenever you log-in. is designed to help all users (including black folk) to find the perfect matches.

The features are unmatchable and help you in discovering possible mates and provide you with tools that will aid you when communicating with potentials.

It can be accessed via web-browser and through the mobile app. Both platforms are embedded with discovery tools and communication strategies that you can use to your advantage.

You can upload a plethora of photos on your profile and include as much information you’re comfortable with narrowing down the search for the perfect candidate.

The mainstream platform is perfect for black people looking to get into the dating game or are looking for serious relationships.

38% of the people that used have forged relationships lasting months, and some have gone ahead and found the love of their lives and got married! Pros

  • New features and functions added often
  • A regularly updated algorithm that includes user behavior and feedback
  • Broad search and discovery opportunities Cons

  • Costly month-month costs
  • Lengthy online to offline process
  • Takes time to get approval to join the platform Pricing

  • Free Plan Zero-rated
  • 1 Month Plan $42.99
  • 3 Months Plan $23.99/ Month
  • 6 Months Plan $20.99/ Month Take Away

Daily hand-picked matches

Data-backed algorithm matching techniques based on user behavior and info

Smart inbox that sorts messages based on prior interactions

Numerous options for communications and showing interests

The 3 Best Metalhead Dating Sites in the USA

Introduction to the 3 Best Metalhead Dating Sites

It can be difficult to find high-quality dating sites but it can be even more of a problem if you’re looking for something specific. There are many different dating sites online and some of them cater to specific wants and needs. If you’re a fan of heavy metal music, you might not be able to connect with regular people on popular dating sites. There are sites that are designed for individuals that are interested in heavy metal music and on these sites, you will find people that share the same interests that you do. There are several sites online that cater to this type of music. Here is a review of the top three sites that you might want to join if you’re a fan of hard rock and heavy metal music.

Before You Join a Site

Before you join any Metal Head dating site you should have a good idea of what you’re looking for. This will make it easier for you to find a successful match on one of these websites. Please keep in mind that this is niche dating and some of these sites don’t have the full features that regular dating sites do. You will find some sites that are for free so you might want to check these out before you pay any sites for membership. Make sure you have several decent photographs of yourself and that you fill out your profile completely as it makes it much easier to find a successful match.

Why Join?

The main reason you want to join a metal head dating site is to find someone that shares the same interests that you do. It’s hard to search through profiles on dating sites as there are just so many people and you can never find someone that shares your individual interests. If you have a love for heavy metal music, it can be exceedingly difficult to find others that are into this style of music on a regular dating site. By joining a site in the heavy metal niche it’s much easier to connect with people that share those interests and the chances that you find a successful match are a lot higher on a site that is designed specifically for heavy metal fans. Here are the top three sites that you should look at if you are into heavy metal music.

1.Bound By Metal


Bound by Metal is a heavy metal dating site where you can meet individuals that are into the same type of music that you are. If you have failed to find someone interesting on other sites, this might be the site for you. You’ll be able to reach out and meet other metal fans through this site. You can chat with them, send messages, and connect with different individuals on the site. You can do a search for singles in your surrounding area or you can expand your search to find people in other locations. You get to decide who you want to talk with any won’t get any mail that you don’t want so you have privacy on the site.

The site is just for active members so the people that you speak with are going to be on this site quite often. Members that are not active on the website will have their account deleted. This means you will be able to connect with members that are using the site and they are not just taking up profile space which tends to happen on many dating sites. You’ll come across your profile that you like but the person is not active and you have no way of contacting them.


  • When you use the email feature you don’t get unwanted email
  • You can choose what bands you like and have this visible on your profile
  • The site is optimized for desktop, tablet, and smartphones so you can use the site wherever you are and on whatever device you are using
  • Works in various languages


  • The site is a little outdated and could use some updates
  • Not a lot of information about this site is available on the main page so you’ll have to join


One of the positives about this website is that it is completely free. You have no membership fees that you need to pay on the site so, for those that just want to try out a dating site, this is the site for you. It’s not known if any of the features in the site will cost you any money because there’s not a lot of information about any fee structure for this site online.

2.Meet Metalheads


Meet Metalheads Is a website that allows you to meet people that are interested in heavy metal music for dating or serious relationships. It’s easy to sign up for the website and your initial sign up is going to be free. The website claims to be the number one site online to meet people that are into heavy metal music so you should be able to find someone interesting on this site. Membership allows you to create a profile, view photographs of other individuals and you can search for singles that are in your area. You also be able to receive an instant message from shingles that are in your area. The paid membership gives you access to more features of the website. You will receive typical features that you get on similar dating sites such as instant messaging, email, the ability to view photographs, and so on. You also have the ability to mark yourself not interested in someone so you don’t receive messages from the individual which is a nice feature to have.


  • The site looks more professional than other metalhead dating sites
  • You can get a free membership before you pay for a monthly membership
  • You can search for people in your local area
  • You can deactivate your account whenever you wish


  • The site doesn’t provide a lot of information about what you get with your paid membership
  • Pricing information is not available on the main website


Currently, pricing information for this website is not available online. You will have to join the website to find out how much it’s going to cost you for a monthly membership. You can join for free so you are not obligated to pay for a monthly membership. You do get access to several features as a free member so it is worth it to check out this site before you decide to pay for a membership

3.Metalhead Date


Metalhead date is a full-featured site for those looking to find people interested in heavy metal music for dating or longer-term relationships. This is probably the best sites from our list and has the most features. You can set up your profile for free this will be a basic profile but you can file the site for free which is one of the pluses of this website. You can browse other member profiles and start chatting with other people. You can browse galleries, do video chatting, send flirts, and more on this website.

Basic Services

For those that are a free member, you can upload photographs, create a profile, and you’ll be able to send 10 flirts to 10 different members on the site. You can also search the database to see if there’s anyone in the area that might be interested in you. If you decide that you want to join, you’ll get access to more features.

Paid Members

Paid members get more access to the site. You can have your profile show up on the Fright page of the website and you’ll get more visits to your profile page. As a featured member, you will get ten times more in messages. you will also get an icon badge on your profile page that shows that you are featured. You also increase the chance that you will make a successful match when you get a paid membership. As a paid member you can also indicate two other members that you are serious and getting in contact with them.


There are various pricing options for this website but the actual pricing is not indicated on the website. You will have to join to find out the different pricing features. The site will auto-renew your membership until you cancel.


These three sites should help you find a match for individuals that are interested in heavy metal music and connecting with people that share their similar interests. It would be nice if these sites would share more of their pricing information but you simply have to join the website to get access to this information. There are not a lot of reviews of these sites online so finding pricing information is a bit difficult. You’ll probably pay standard pricing which is usually around $20 to $40 depending upon the website or this might vary as sites tend to have different features with various prices. Make sure you fill out your profile completely and have several decent photographs of yourself on these sites as it will increase the chances that you find a successful match.

The 3 Best Dating Site Divorcees in the USA

Introduction to the 3 Best Dating Site for Divorcees

If you or a colleague/family member or a friend has gone through the tribulations of divorce, time passes, and the healing begins. If you are now ready to get back into the dating pool but don’t know where to start, you have landed on the right page.

Online dating is a great platform to get started; however, as a divorcee, you need a service that understands where you are in life and will cater to your needs. Below, we review for you the 3 best dating sites perfect for divorcees…

1. JustDivorcedSingles

JustDivorcedSingles website is dedicated to people that are divorced, widowed, and single parents. The site mostly welcomes members who are of a straight sexual orientation.

The site was launched in 2010 and functions as a part of dating network sites where members share their profiles. The most prominent features on this website include; Gender, Age, A single photo upload, and when one is active online.

When you join the platform, you can use the extended search function using specialized criteria.

Regional Searches

On JustDivorcedSingles dating platform, you will get the regional searches function that will make it easy to find people to date within your locale. The website makes it easy for you to get your profile featured on the search results when you pay a stipend.

The more it stays on the listing, the higher the chances of it being seen. The platform relies on a matching algorithm that helps you pair up with a compatible prospect. You can also block members whom you are not interested in or prove to be a bother.

Members have the power to invite or join private chats to members they get interested with.

JustDivorcedSingles Pricing

The dating platform doesn’t offer trial plans; you can only join it through a premium subscription. These are the packages at your disposal;

Credit Card Premium Subscription

  • 1 Month $44.19
  • 3 Months $88.44
  • 6 Months $132.69
  • 12 Months $221.19

SMS Premium Subscription

  • 1 Month $63.21
  • 3 Months $113.79
  • 6 Months $177.00

The subscription recurs, and you will need to cancel it to halt payments. Also, you can pay for it with SMS.

Bolt-On Search VIP

Also known as Read Notification. A recurring plan that you need to cancel to stop the payments. You can make payments via Credit Card.

  • 1 Month $3.78

Bolt-On Contact For Free

A recurring plan that you will need to cancel payments. Payable through Credit Card

  • 1 Month $9.47

Bolt-On Reply For Free

  • A recurring plan that you need to cancel to halt payments. Payable via Credit card

1 Month $6.31

JustDivorcedSingles offers users a medium length registration process that has a minimum of 7 required fields.

Mobile: on mobile, the site can be accessed through mobile browsers and functions the same way it does on desktop.

Anonymity: JustDivorcedSingles affords users privacy by hiding their profiles to people that don’t register as members. Only members can view images and strike a conversation with someone they fancy.

2. DivorcedAndSeeking Review

DivorcedAndSeeking website belongs to the divorced, single parents, and widowed category. The site doesn’t discriminate upon sexual orientation and welcomes straight, gay, and lesbian singles looking for potential partners.

The website began life back in 2012 and is purely a dating site for people looking for serious relationships without acting as a hookup spot.

Features: The search criteria on this site includes: Gender, Age, Single photo upload, and online visibility. You can use extended searches feature through specialized criteria.

Regional Searches: the site provides users with a local search option to get in touch with possible mates that are within their location.

Matching systems: The site uses an algorithm that helps you get in touch with members sharing your traits. Psychologists have proven that the more you have in common with a possible mate, the longer it’s likely that you will stay together.

As a site member, you can block individual members that you are not interested in, and if they keep pestering you.

Group Chat Feature: The platform offers users a group chat feature that allows one to stay in communication with members that are also logged-in the feature. You have the option of inviting and declining members to a private chat.

Instant Messenger: the instant Messenger on this website allows you to know when contacts are online, and you can choose to go invisible to hide from other people you don’t want to see you online.

DivorcedAndSeeking Pricing

The site offers users a trial plan that costs; $6.99, and if you fail to cancel it after it expires, you automatically get enrolled into the recurring subscription plan that charges $23.38.

Premium Plan: recurring offer that you need to cancel to halt payments. You can pay using your credit card.

  • 1 Month $23.38
  • 3 Months $31.37

Registration: The platform offers a medium length registration process that comes with 13 different fields that must be filled.

Mobile use: The platform is accessible through a mobile browser that opens up to all features you get on a desktop browser. Unfortunately, they’re yet to launch a mobile app.

Anonymity: As a public site, allows all visitors to access your profile. To keep things private, you will have to bypass the site as it doesn’t facilitate ways to mask your profile.

You can upload several images on your profile, and you can adjust the settings to add private photos that can only be viewed by members that you approve.

3.DivorcedFreeAnd Single Review

The dating platform is categorized under the single parents, widowed, and divorced spectrum. The site is dedicated to straight people and was launched in 2012. is a platform that encourages serious relationships and doesn’t support hookups.

The essential search criteria used on this platform include; gender, age, image only, and online now elements. You can access extended searches by using more specialized criteria.

Local searches: you can search for other members located within your area through this search feature.

Because it’s a large website and you may get interested from members from far away states, to find someone whom you can connect with and is near you is a better option.

Use the paid priority listing appearing in the search results to have your profile pop up as users search for a possible mate within your region and improve your chances of connecting.

Matching system: The website also invests heavily in a searching algorithm that can help you narrow down an ideal mate. By filling in a detailed questionnaire with your personal traits, the algorithm will find the individual that matches your traits.

Blocking system: Since you might find users that you’re not interested in and they continue messaging, you can use the block feature to turn them away.

For those that you fancy, you can invite them to a private chat and start a conversation that will hopefully remain interesting and lead to forging better connections.

DivorcedFreeAndSingle Pricing

The website doesn’t offer trial plans.

Premium Subscription

For this plan, you will need to cancel it to stop payments as it recurs. You can make payments using your credit card.

  • 1 Month Plan $44.99
  • 3 Months Plan $88.99
  • 6 Months Plan $132.99
  • 12 Months Plan $ 221.99

SMS Premium Subscription

Also, a recurring plan that you will need to cancel to halt payments. You can make payments via SMS.

  • 1 Month Plan $63.99
  • 3 Months Plan $113.99
  • 6 Months Plan $177.99

Bolt-On Read Notification or Search VIP

A recurring plan that you pay using a credit card and must halt payments when you wish to unsubscribe.

1 Month Plan $3.99

Bolt-On Contact For Free

Another recurring plan that you pay with a credit card. You need to halt payments if you wish to discontinue.

1 Month Plan $9.99

Bolt-On Reply For Free

A recurring plan that you should stop payments when you wish to discontinue. You can make payments through credit cards.

1 Month Plan $6.99

Registration: The platform comes with a medium length registration form that has a total of 7 required fields to fill.

Mobile use: You can only access the website using a mobile browser as they are yet to introduce a mobile app. The site functions on the mobile browser in the same form it does on a desktop browser.

Anonymity:  You will not see any profiles if you are not registered. You will need to become a member to access other users’ profile, thus providing you with essential privacy.


These sites are among the best places for divorced, widowed, and single parents that are ready to get back into the dating game. By following the details provided and uploading the best images, you have higher chances of finding a possible mate.

They all come with a regional search feature that allows you to search for a partner closer to you. I want to warn you that these are strictly sites for people looking for serious relationships and not casual hookups.

Two of them are dedicated to straight people, while one welcomes people of all sexual orientation.

The 3 Best Hookup Sites in the USA

What are the Best Dating Sites for Hookups?

When you’re single, you might think of going on dating sites to look for love. At times, you want to get lucky, and there’s nothing wrong with that. A casual hookup might be the pick me up you need.

At times, being selfish with your needs helps you discover happiness and what you need to focus on yourself. Non-attached sex will also help you explore your wild side and see what boxes you need to tick to experience toe-curling sexual escapades.

If you’re in such a mood and are looking for a one night stand, below are 3 best hookup sites you should explore…

1.FriendFinder Review

FriendFinder-X is one of the most explicit adult dating websites. Right from its interface, the platform is littered with erotic videos, photos, webcams, adult videos, live model video chats, sex-ed academy, video chats and a host more.

The platform welcomes people of all sexual orientation, and it helps you connect quickly with another member within your locale for some kinky hookup! The network base is vast and loaded with updated features that keep replenishing daily.

FriendFinder-X functions as a dating site that comes with additional features that make hooking-up easy, fast whether online or in-person.

When you join the platform, you can opt to find members through the cybersex live webcam chats, live models environments. The connexion feature on this platform makes it easy for users to experience cybersex more physically.

When you use it, you gain access to wireless male and female masturbation toys which you use to stimulate your selected sexual partner by controlling their sex toy; they too can control yours.

You can opt for the intimate in-person environment to link up with a potential mate if the whole wireless sex toy feature is a bit overwhelming.

The platform allows you to email your potential hookups, like their images and videos, and start chatting them up to create a rapport before initiating the hookup. FriendFinder-X website is appropriately designed and easy to navigate.

The What’s Hot section on the homepage is very popular with users. It depicts photos and videos of the highest rated members voted for by the platform users.

The Live Action and Search sections give you the ways to discover users about the traits that matter the most to you.

Once you find a profile that appeals to you, save it in your hotlist feature or reach out to the user by either sending gifts, chatting, adding them as friends, or sending them a private message.

Signing up is an easy and quick process; you can opt for getting the cupid preferences that will match you only with others that meet your physical and sexual criteria that you are after.

The site allows you to update your profile to show nudity, hide nudity, or publicly display everything.

You have the option of leaving your profile vague or as detailed as you want it to be and also upload raunchy videos, create photo albums, incorporate webcams, etc.

The website receives close to 300,000 daily users, and more than half of them are located in the US.

The x-rated hookup site comes with modern features and is by far one of the best casual digital platforms that allow you and others explore their sexual side, find connections, and feel comfortable expressing your desires.

The features can be personalized to fulfil your sexual desires. The platform attracts a vast and loyal user base. If you’re sexually curious, and on the prowl for sexual adventures, FriendFinder-X is the platform for you! 

FriendFinder-X Pros

  • Grants users extensive profile customization options
  • You can use the rating system to sort, videos, images, members by their hotness levels
  • You are granted several search capabilities using the sorting and detailing filter features

FriendFinder-X Cons

  • Certain aspects including model chats, adult videos, model chats attract additional costs
  • Zero-data driven compatibility matching algorithm
  • Only paid up members can communicate with each other

FriendFinder-X Pricing

  • Free Plan Zero-rated
  • I Month Plan $20.00
  • 3 Months Plan $60.00
  • 12 Months Plan $180.00 $15.00/ Month

FriendFinder-X Take Away

  • The fast 1-minute sign-up process
  • Numerous search options including some based on sexual interests
  • Varied ways to add a plethora of information on your profile
  • An in-built broadcast option that streams videos directly
  • A rating system that sorts hottest members, videos, and photos

2. Tinder Review

Tinder is the King of hookup apps. It’s a swiping mobile application that revolutionalized the dating game.

Tinder uses a simple hot or not rating criteria. Since its inception, Tinder has generated close to 20 million matches and continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

The casual hookup app commands a 25 million-plus membership and is nearing 2 million paid Tinder Plus subscribers. The mobile app is available in 24 languages and has a worldwide presence.

The app works as a hot or not hot gaming platform on fire; members swipe left to pass on a profile that doesn’t appease them, they swipe right when they find a profile that appeals to them.

As it continues to upgrade, Tinder incorporates additional features including the ability to Super like profiles, and you can boost your visibility.

As for hooking up, nothing beats Tinder, you find a successful profile, and if they accept your invite, then you can move to the next step and plan a hookup.

The site is great for casual sex links, and although some users use it for finding true love, it’s mostly a hookup platform.

On the iOS and Google’s Play Store platforms, Tinder ranks #1 under the lifestyle category getting 4 out of 5-star rating on Android and a 3.5 out of 5 ratings on the iOS platform.

If you’re only interested in a one night stand, Tinder is your best bet. It will help you match a possible hook up based on your location and just like we use uber and other cab apps, you can get a hook up at any time of day or night!

The hookups are not only transparent but more accessible, the app helps you get a sexual date faster and without so much as an effort.

Tinder Pros

  • Most popular mobile app for hookups
  • The app matches with a user-friendly interface
  • The app focuses more on location making it easy for you to link up with a potential hookup
  • Tinder Cons
  • Age-based pricing model
  • Zero-matching algorithm
  • Registering needs you to use a Facebook account

Tinder Pricing

  • Basic Plan Zero-rated
  • 1 Month Plan (29 yrs and below) $9.99/ Month
  • 1 Month Plan 30years + 19.99/ Month
  • Tinder Take Away
  • Quick sign-up and registration process
  • Super Like and Tider Boost options enhancing matching chances
  • A considerable base that continues to increase by the day
  • Tinder passport allows you to connect with members before arriving at their locale

3. Review

The adult based website allows you to meet up with others for sensual sexual escaped. The platform features playful and lustful images, videos, and live models on its homepage.

The site continues to grow to attract a vast and active member base and comes with a wealth of features and functionalities.

Use this site to prepare yourself mentally and physically for a sexual encounter as you search for a possible mate. The platform grants you a place to see members activities, their videos, photos, and live webcam streams thus increasing your hookup appetite.

Use the settings tab to alter your searches to either get to see clean images, videos or if you like it kinky to get the kinkiest of them all! Members on this platform are playful and teasing, making it easy to find the perfect hookup.

Use the tools at your disposal to locate others that match up your sexual appetite. You can click on the sexual kink button, or utilize the sexual-oriented browser to upvote the profiles, videos, pictures, of the member you deem to be hot.

The site allows you to collect bling, earn and redeem points that you can use on numerous feature upgrades or gift other members with digital gifts. The site generates almost 1 million daily visits, and nearly half of the visitors are based in the United States.

Other members visiting the site come from Canada, Thailand, and the UK. Most visitors are members and are down for hookups, especially if you are within the same locale. is a platform best suited for you if you’re in pursuit of a hardcore sexual encounter and have a great sexual appetite. Pros

  • Point and voting system that makes the platform more social
  • User-friendly and comes with an easy to use the mobile site and desktop version
  • The site attracts and showcases more sensual members in nature Cons

  • Low-quality and weak preferences settings that make it challenging to customize matches
  • Doesn’t have a mobile app platform
  • You need to register as a paying member to access the features
  • Pricing
  • Trial Plan Zero-rated
  • 1 Month Plan $20.00
  • 3 Months Plan $60.00 $20.00/ Month
  • 12 Months Plan $180.00 $15.00/ Month
  • Take Away
  • Active newsfeeds highlighting trending member activity
  • The mobile site configured to offer similar features as the desktop site
  • Ever growing user base
  • Comprehensive 12 section profile for expression
  • Kink search